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Netflix Original:New Netflix Original Movies Made Available In April 2020!


David Mudd

16 New Netflix Original Movies to Keep You Company All Through April

With the horrendous corona virus pandemic engulfing the entire human race,partly to death and partly to subservient loneliness(for Gen-Y majorly),Netflix lands into our lives as the brightest ray of hope there ever was.

What To Expect From Netflix,You Ask?

With around about hundreds of new movies,series,documentaries and stand-ups dropping in,there are precisely 53 shows that are absolute Netflix originals. Insane,I know. Just when you thought this pandemic would suck the life out of you? Netflix has your back,honey.

What’s Cooking,Most hooking? Money Heist Is A Game Changer!


Among the lot,there’s Money Heist gaining most of the attention,having a plot like no other i have seen in quite some time. The story leads as a man with the posthumous name ‘The Professor’ aims at a record breaking rip off to print billions of Euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

What’s amusing is that,to bring this dynamic plan to life,he recruits 8 worthy thieves who have seemingly everything to gain and nothing to lose. Everytime i refresh my feed,there’s another friend singing Manu Pilas’ Bella Ciao(the theme song)and nominating others to do the same. Trends,I tell you!

Then there is The Main Event,a collaboration of WWE studios and Netflix,which brings to us the startling story of a wrestling-maniac middle school boy Leo,entering the WWE,having discover a magical mask and gaining other worldly strength! Talk about some superhuman movies! If only I had a life like that. *sighs*

Mystic Madness All The Way from Sergio!

Bringing to your screens,a gripping showdown from the Narcos actor,Wagner Moura,a biopic,’Sergio’,about the UN Diplomat with the same name,Sergio Vieira de Mello and his reverberations during the most distressing period in his life as he tries to stay put after the distressing bomb blast by the US in Baghdad,Iraq.


Next up is the much await ‘Extraction’,expansively shot in India,starring Chris Hemsworth,Kristen Stewart and my favourite actor Randeep Hooda (*giggles*) among others. Revolving around the rescue of the abduct son of an international crime lord who is jail,as a matter of fact,the rookie world of weapon blazing and drug trafficking is sure to lure viewers all over!

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Netflix Showdown Or Nah?

Having apparently all the time in the world for self care and entertainment,delve in to the world of drama and mysticism,that Netflix so warmly brings,especially at this point of redundancy.

So sit back,put your face mask on,grab a bowl of popcorn,keep a mojito on the side table and indulge into the binge watching phenomena! Plus,anything seems worth sparing your time when you’re stocked up at home with zero chances of a social gathering,right?

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