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Netflix: New Titles Added To The Platform This Weekend- Here Are The Top Picks


David Mudd

As we proceed into 2020, we also lookout for new titles coming to our favourite streaming giant for us to binge-watch. Here are the latest titles that are coming to Netflix this week for you to catch.

Castlevania (New Season)

One of the most popular animated series on Netflix, Castlevania season 3 is coming this week to the platform. It may already be on the air as we speak! The highly anticipated season 3 continues the shows fantasy thriller genre and exciting storyline. Therefore, make sure you catch it if you are a fan of horror anime shows.

Spenser Confidential

Spenser Confidential is a movie based on Ace Atkin’s books and character Spenser. Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke take on the stage to try and solve a murder on their own. Wahlberg is playing an ex-felon while Duke plays an MMA fighter. Post Malone is also starring in the movie!

Ugly Delicious (New Season)

If you love food, then this is a series you will thoroughly enjoy. The docuseries takes you behind the scenes of how food is made. However, it is not only the method of food-making that you will learn about. But also the origin of the food and the chef’s passion behind making the dish. Catch this mouthwatering second season this week!

Corpse Bride

One of the most critically acclaimed animation movies is being added to Netflix this week. The Corpse bride follows Victors story where he incidentally gets married to a dead skeletal bride. She takes him to the land of the dead. It an exciting movie with Johnny Depp lending his voice to the protagonist.

I Am Jonas 

A new thrilling film coming this week is I Am Jonas. It follows the story of Jonas, who recalls his turbulent teenage love affair with Nathan. Nathan is a twisted yet irresistible man, and their story is one mysterious roller coaster throughout the film. If you are looking for an excellent international film option to watch, then I Am Jonas is the one for you.

The Shawshank Redemption

An all-time classic and evergreen movie, The Shawshank Redemption is being added as a new title to Netflix this week. It follows the story of a successful banker who is thrown into the Shawshank prison on account of the murders of his wife and her lover. He proves to be a different kind of prisoner. If you want to revisit this oldie, then you can catch it on Netflix.