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Netflix: Extraction 2 In Development At Netflix, Chris Hemsworth Might Hopefully Return


David Mudd

After the massive success of the first movie on Netflix, Extraction has been renewed for a second season as well. Furthermore, the sequel has just entered its development stage. Also, Chris Hemsworth will mostly return in the sequel. Read ahead to know more.

Release Date Of Extraction 2

Extraction 2 will take several years before it releases. Moreover, the sequel has just entered its development face. Also, first, the script needs to be finalized followed by deciding the cast and then shooting.

Extraction is a high-end action budget film. Therefore, to shoot such a premium film will take a lot of time and budget planning. Deciding more stunts, actions, and VFX work in post-production will take a lot of time.


At the earliest, we can expect Extraction 2 to release in 2023. It is a very long wait. But it will be worth the wait. Till the time we get to see high-end action, more will be the wait for it. So stay tuned!

Extraction 2 In Development Stage

Extraction 2 is in development was confirmed by Netflix a couple of weeks after the Extraction movie released it. Also, Joe Russo is returning to write the script for the second installment of the movie.

Also, the director of the movie is not confirmed yet. We might see Sam Hargrave making a return to direct the movie. However, there is no concrete proof available at the moment. Chris Hemsworth is likely to write. But we should wait until the official star cast of the Extraction 2 is announced.

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Expected Storyline

We saw Tyler sacrificing his own life to ensure Ovi survives and makes it to safety. Tyler received two serious bullet wounds and then fell into the water after falling from the bridge.


Moreover, the movie showed Tyler editing. But the script idea for the second movie was changed. Furthermore, we will see Tyler on a new mission in Extraction 2. Also, we might see Ovi as a grown-up in the second movie.

Since his father was a crime lord, we might see him joining the sea world or will he be on the other side of this world? Guess we will have to wait and watch.