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David Mudd

Netflix : Check Out The Netflix Shows That Were Cancelled Just After One Season

It’s sometimes, disheartening to know that the show you started liking will not come back with another season. (Sigh!) Given below is a list of the shows that were cancelled right after season one.


The reason why ‘Chambers’ was cancelled is yet not discovered. The summary of this show is- Set in Arizona, close to a Diné reservation, in significant numbers of the primary characters are harmful individuals. The hero, Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) is a secondary school student who lives with her uncle, fish storekeeper Big Frank Yazzie (Marcus LaVoi). … Chambers approaches issues from a substitute heading.

Leah Rachel, who is the show creator gave an insight as to why this did not work out-

“There’s a story with Ben that brings back much far, that would for sure come out in season 2. Thematically, the second season is about a girl who has everywhere been told by the world that she is helpless, instantly having lots of powers. It would delve very deeply into the ‘why me?”

The Get Down 

The show is a mythic adventure of how New York at the precarious edge of chapter 11 brought forth another work of art. Set in New York in 1977, this music-driven dramatization arrangement narratives the ascent of hip-jump and the most recent long stretches of disco.

Unfortunately, the show got cancelled in May 2017 after 11 episodes. This show was initially split into two parts. But, later it was joined as one.



The show got cancelled on January 31, 2020. Initially, Joshua Safran, who is the creator of the show, had in mind to come up with the second season. But, there has been no news till now.

The synopsis of the story is about Love, loss and transformative luck of budding artists in New York City.

Spinning Out 

"Spinning Out" Coming To An End?

The show came out with ten episodes in all. The writer of the show Caroline Framke, says that – “the season plods towards its uneven finale, ‘Spinning Out’ instead does precisely what its title promises instead of sticking the landing. Each episode runs almost a full hour-long, but the stories rarely fill that space as they should.”

The show was cancelled in January this year.


The show got cancelled in August of 2017. Despite everything, Netflix tried its best to get a renewal of the second season but failed.

Lisa Rubin, who is the creator of the show, in an interview with Variety said-

“In terms of a season 2, in general, it will become more of a thriller. The last few episodes of season 1 are more intense because our commitment was to it being a slow burn..” She also said that the first five episodes of the season were about knowing and penetrating into Jean’s world. She said that she was also surprised in knowing that there were people who were relating themselves to her completely.