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Neighbors: Show Reveals New Rift For Dee In Returning Plot

Neighbors reveals new rift for Dee Bliss in her return plot

What Is Neighbors About

Neighbors is apparently a soap opera of Australia, having had a rundown since 1985.

Created by Reg Watson, Neighbors has a huge fanbase, which it has gained over the span of what, 35 years? Holy Lord!

The show practically focuses on real issues, dealing with the lives of people who are going through teenage/ teen-adult/mid-life issues.

The series follows the lives of a few chosen people who reside in the town of Erinsborough which is not really a place, mind you.

It is a make-believe place in Melbourne. Just like the UK's EastEnders, Australia's Neighbors centers around people living in Ramsay Street surround a hotel, a police station, a bar and a park.


The series governs the lives of ostensibly three families, namely, The Ramsay, The Clarkes and The Robinsons.

The twist being that The Ramsay and The Robinsons don't get along at all.

And the most amusing part is how the houses are all real and shooting literally takes place in their gardens and open outlets, to give off a natural feel, ya know? Thrilling!

What Do We Know Till Now

Talking about the perpetual rift, the episode telecasted yesterday showed a rift between Dione ‘Dee' Bliss and Toadie.

What baffles me is how this one person, Madeleine West plays the twin character of Andrea and Dione.

They could have cast actual twins, no? I mean, I don't see an issue here. But anyway, that's for some different article to rant on.

Is There A New Rift For Dee

Neighbors had released a new trailer for Dione's return to Erinsborough and fans are now in a state of amusement as well as sheer shock.

We see Andrea and Dee's conversation. Andrea, although adamant and sly, was pretty understanding during her confrontation with Dee after a long time.

They spoke about their family and their apparent splitting up in different orchestrations in life.


Andrea went on to say how much she'd appreciate Dee's visit from now on but fans sure have their theories regarding what a pig Andrea is and how she cannot be trusted in any way!

What do you think will come out of it?

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