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Neighbors: Show Reveals Fake Dee’s Dramatic Return


David Mudd

Neighbors have a lot going on at the moment. The past few episodes were filled with so many plot twists and unique storylines. The future episodes are going to be even more mind-boggling.

In this article, we have compiled all we know about the spoilers for the upcoming week. The show is going to have about five episodes a week from now on. So let us see what’s in store at the moment!

Neighbors The Plot

Elly Conway has to commence her journey to behind bars for another three years, and she is not taking the news very well.

Her gamble and the volunteer to death of Finn Kelly have put her in an extremely tight spot. However, when Elly makes her appearance at the presence, she is greeted by Adrea.


Elly is not sure of their bond at the moment but later starts to give in to their friendship. Well, well Adrea wouldn’t just be friends without hiding her real intentions. We are curious to know what is going to happen when reality strikes back.

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More Updates!

Andrea is a puppet of the lawyer Samantha Fitzgerald. Elly has made a rather firm decision to take baby Aster to prison with her. And now is the time when the drama will begin. Andrea is going to try everything in her power to convince Elly that jail is not a safe zone for a baby.

Will Elly fall into the trap laid by Andrea, Samantha and Claudia? Only the coming episodes will unravel this mystery.

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