NCIS Season 18: Get to Know Some Best Episodes From Season 18!!!


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NCIS Season 18 which is an American police procedural drama television show was originally aired on CBC from 17th November, 2020 to 25th May 2021. This season consists of 16 episodes which made it the shortest in the franchise and includes the series’ 400th episode. NCIS Season 18 was produced by Belisarius Productions and CBS studios.

NCIS Season 18 revolves around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the United State’s Navy and Marine Corps.

NCIS Season 18

The season’s finale serves as Wickersham’s final appearance as Eleanor Bishop leaving the series after 8 long years.

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What is the Cast of NCIS Season 18?

Check out the list of NCIS Season 18 cast along with their characters below –



  • Joe Spano as Tobias Fornell, Private Detective and former FBI agent
  • Margo Harshman as Delilah Fielding-McGee, DoD Intelligence Analyst and McGee’s wife
  • Pam Dawber as Marcie Warren, investigative journalist
  • Laura San Giacomo as  Grace Confalone, psychotherapist
  • Nick Boraine as Merriweather, NCIS target
  • Adam Campbell as Young Ducky
  • Sean Harmon as Young Gibbs
  • Hugo Armstrong as Eugene Coyle, from the NCIS Inspector General’s office
  • Juliette Angelo as Emily Fornell, Tobias Fornell’s daughter
  • Elayn J. Taylor as Odette Malone, owner of Ziva’s private office and former CIA Operative
  • Victoria Platt as Veronica Tyler, NCIS Special Agent
  • Jack Fisher as Phineas, Gibbs’ former neighbor
  • Karri Turner as Micki Kaydar, Phineas’ aunt

Guest stars

NCIS Season 18 Episode 3: Blood and Treasure –

The team of NCIS took participation is a treasure hunt to solve the murder mystery. Although, Gibbs continues to help Fornell and find the responsible person for his daughter’s overdose.

You might have noticed one surprise which is Thomas F. Wilson, the actor who has played Biff in the Back to the Future franchise, starred in this episode as a guest appearance. He played the role of Angus Demint.

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 4: Sunburn –

At the time of NCIS Season 18 Episode 4 titled as Sunburn we have seen McGee and his wife Delilah on a vacation. We don’t see McGee’s often; therefore it was a welcome guest appearance from actor Margo Harshman.

Delilah Fielding was introduced while NCIS Season 11, Episode 1 which was titled as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Delilah gets paralyzed during season 11, episode 13 which is titled as Double Back, after an explosion at a gala she was attending. Then she lost her ability to walk due to a piece of shrapnel became lodged in her spine.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 14: Unseen Improvements –

NCIS Season 18 Episode 14 was mostly a fan favourite due to guest appearance of Phineas which is played by Jack Fisher. He is used to be Gibb’s next door neighbour. They both are very close to each other and Gibbs became father figure for him.

NCIS Season 18

At some point, it seems like the boy might move in with Gibbs after his mother was killed. We are hoping that, we will see more from Phineas.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 16: Rule 91 –

The popular Gibbs Rules were front and centre at the time of NCIS Season 18 finale. A new rule of Gibbs rule 91 has been introduced during this episode.

When Bishop asks Gibbs what is rule 91? Then Gibbs says that – “when you decide to walk away, don’t look back.” Bishop seemed to take this rule to heart, and she decides to leave the NCIS team. This didn’t go over well with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who thought their relationship was going to continue to move forward. Instead, Bishop tells him, “I didn’t mean for us to happen.”

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 5: Head of the Snake –

The fifth episode was focussed on Gibbs and Fornell’s continued hunt for the head of the drug ring which supplied Emily Fornell with counterfeit opiates. At times, it was the heavy episode, however there were a comic moments from Joe Spano and Wilmer Valderrama.

This one is also likely a favourite among fans because it has revealed why Gibbs shot McGee.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 2: Everything Starts Somewhere –

NCIS Season 18 Episode with a title Everything Starts Somewhere has received an IMDb rating of 8.7 out of 10 and gained most love NCIS Season 18 Episode.

In this episode Gibbs and Ducky met for the first time. Sean Harmon who is the son of Mark Harmon’s son played the role of younger version of Gibbs whereas young Ducky was played by Adam Campbell.

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Trailer –

Check out the Trailer of NCIS season 18 in given below video. By watching this video you will get some idea about the plotline of this suspense hit series and so it will become precise for you to decide whether to watch this series or not.

What is the Episode Guide for NCIS Season 18?

Check out the entire episode guide for NCIS Season 18 below –

S18 E16 · Rule 91

Air Date 25 May 2021

S18 E15 · Blown Away

Air Date 18 May 2021

Season 18 E14 · Unseen Improvements

Air Date 11 May 2021

S18 E13 · Misconduct

Air Date 4 May 2021

S18 E12 · Sangre

Air Date 27 Apr 2021

S18 E11 · Gut Punch

Air Date 6 Apr 2021

S18 E10 · Watchdog

Air Date 16 Mar 2021

S18 E09 · Winter Chill

Air Date 9 Mar 2021

S18 E08 · True Believer

Air Date 2 Mar 2021

S18 E06 · 1mm

Air Date 26 Jan 2021

S18 E05 · Head of the Snake

Air Date 19 Jan 2021

S18 E04 · Sunburn

19 Jan 2021

S18 E03 · Blood and Treasure

Air Date 8 Dec 2020

Season 18 E02 · Everything Starts Somewhere

Air Date 24 Nov 2020

Season 18 E01 · Sturgeon Season

Air Date 17 Nov 2020