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NBA: The NBA Season Gets Suspended After Players Test Positive For Coronavirus


David Mudd

2020 is not turning into the year we all expected. Only after 3 months, there have been so much to account upon. With the latest outburst of coronavirus, it has surpassed every possibility of worst scenarios.

While this is too much to digest already, NBA fans have a new reason to hate this year. In a recent statement, it is declared that the NBA will suspend its 2019-20 season till further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Players Test Positive To Coronavirus

For health protocol, a coronavirus test was conducted amongst the players. In this, many of them have tested to be positive. Rudy Gobert has also tested possible for COVID-19 amongst others. This caused the NBA to delay the games that were supposed to take place now. This is done to maintain the security and health of all the players.

Also, the San Fransisco Health Office has restrained any gathering of more than 1000 people for safety hazards. What was more shocking than Gobert getting the virus was his public appearance earlier. Since he did not know he had the virus, he made it a point of joke to touch all the microphones in the place. Later when diagnosed, people pointed it out as an eerie mistake.

NBA Suspended Till Further Notice

This has caused the NBA to suspend it’s matched until further notice. Although it was thought earlier that players would play sans the audience. But now that players are themselves infected, it is a point of concern to avoid any spread of the virus.

After the Dallas Mavericks-Denver Nuggets game Wednesday, the league suspended future play over coronavirus concerns.

To maintain the standards of personal health and safety, the organization took to it officially. It released a statement stating that it will no longer conduct the matches as of now. The matches are suspended until further notice and there are changed that the game is canceled.

Fans Are Disappointed

The only thing that is disturbing about this amazing initiative is the disturbance of fans. They were looking out for the matches and they are disappointed after this statement was released. Although they understand the urgency of the situation, they were still hoping to see their players play.