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NBA: The NBA Season Gets Suspended After Players Test Positive for Coronavirus


David Mudd

WHO recognizes Coronavirus as a pandemic that is creating a global threat.

TV Shows, movies and even sports are facing significant turbulence as the pandemic moves forward spreading terror.

N.B.A. Player Found Positive Of Coronavirus

The great basketball legend, Kobe Bryant was remembered at the Oscars last Sunday. He was honored with tribute by Oscar, 2020. Bryant was the first one who was recognized at the montage. While famous pop star Billie Eillish kept on singing The Beatles, Yesterday, Bryant's picture appeared on the screen for the audience and viewers at home. Bryant's Death- The NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, 13, were among the thirteen passengers who lost lives in their helicopter crash on 26th January, 2020. The crash happened in Calabassas, California. His death took place two hours before Grammys, and the venue was Los Angeles's Staple Centre, where Kobe played most of his life, so producers pulled in together to pay tribute to the legend. The Memoriam part of Oscars has always been a crucial part, as it pays tribute to all lost lives across the world in entertainment industry. Oscars not only highlights the achievements of top noted personalities but also respects the talents of those whom we lose. 'Dear Basketball'~Bryant Kobe Bryant had written a whort essay, about his love for basketball and him  spending twenty years in the sport, right before his retirement from professional basketball. That note was later developed into the short animated film, under the title Dear Bastekball. In 2018, the movie won the Oscar for being Best Animated Short Film. Bryant never thought he could be nominated for an Oscar, he expressed in an interview. It was too surreal for him, the entire thing. Embrasing Bryant At The Oscar, 2020- An important portion of the Academy Awards is to tribute and show respect to those from entertainment industry, whom we have lost. The Academy of Motion  Picture Arts and Sciences announced that they want to pay tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant at the 92nd Academy Awards Telecast. Director Spike Lee paid tribute to Bryant beautifully by wearing a purple suit, with yellow in it, that depicted both the Lakers colours, with the number 24. Bryant wore that number in most part of his career. On the screen, along with Bryant's picture, his quote also appeared that said - "Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving, you have to keep going." ~ Kobe Bryant

The Jazz is the team that consists of the player that is positive of the Coronavirus test. In a statement by the team, the team states that one of its players is tested for Coronavirus.

“The individual’s symptoms diminished over…., however in a precautionary measure, and consultation and cooperation with N.B.A. medical staff and Oklahoma health officials, the decision was made to test for Covid-19.”

This test is after the player tests for influenza, strep throat and upper respiratory infection.

When all the tests mentioned above come out negative, the player tests for Coronavirus which turns out to be positive. However, the team did not reveal the name of the player. Although news suggests that it is Rudy Gobert.

N.B.A. Suspends Its Season

Initially, the game’s cancellation is to take place on 12th March 2020. However, on 11th the final game between the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans faces the eventual cancellation. The game faces delay for 30 minutes at the first and then final cancellation.

N.B.A. Faces Huge Loss Due To Cancellation Of Season

The ongoing dispute between the N.B.A. and the Chinese Government already creates a lot of strain on the N.B.A. N.B.A. is losing over millions in revenue.

Therefore, the cancellation is creating more hassle. We can already predict that the salaries of everyone who is a part of the N.B.A. as tickets are not going to be selling.

N.B.A. is also facing pressure from official authorities not to fill the arenas with the massive number of audience. All sports events around the globe are facing a lockdown, and it is all due to the pandemic Coronavirus.

After the Dallas Mavericks-Denver Nuggets game Wednesday, the league suspended future play over coronavirus concerns.

The T.V. ratings for the N.B.A. is also going to go down as the season is being called off. Coronavirus is affecting our income and livelihoods. Hopefully, we are soon going to find a cure and overcome it. Meanwhile, we can only hope fo that little glimmer in these dark times.


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