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National Thank God It’s Monday Day: Everything You Should Know!

Let’s find out everything about National Thank God Its Monday Day. Well, Here’s everything you need to find out so far. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

What is all about National Thank God Its Monday Day? When is it happen? Is there anything else you should know?

To know the answers of the questions mentioned above, go through this article. Let’s get started.

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Do you also hate Monday just like everyone else? Thank God It’s Monday Day is celebrated every first Monday in January. The day is about overcome hatred towards Monday and create the day with positivity and love. It can be the day to seek new opportunities. It is the day first day of the week after all.

National Thank God It's Monday Day

History Of National Thank God Its Monday Day

The term of Monday is derived from Old English “Mōnandæg” and Middle English “Monenday”, originally a translation of Latin “dies lunae” or “day of the Moon.” Historically, the Greco-Roman week startedwith Sunday and Monday was the second day of the week. In Abrahamic religions, Monday is regarded a special day.

In modern times, Monday has become the first day of the week. In Islam, Muslims do fasting on Monday. In Judaism, Mondays are for fasting.

Thank God It’s Mondays encourages to set a mindset to really appreciate the first day of the work or anything else.

National Thank God Its Monday Day Activities- What To Do?

Complete your work: Having fun in weekends really make us hard to get back to productive life which is why Monday seems boring but go through all the work and get it done on time is one of the best feeling in the world. At the end of the day, It will make you proud on yourself.

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Productivity & Consistency: Be productive and consistence about the responsibilities you have in your life. You won’t be able to succeed in life if you are not consisntecly productive.

Shopping: If you think Monday is all about working hard, then you should think twice. Working hard is a good thing but Monday can be fun and entertaining if you shop. Most people do their shopping on Mondays. Some markets offer sales on Monday.

Hang Out: This one might shock you but if you usually avoid crowded place then Monday is the right day for you to spend it nicely and most importantly peacefully. As per reports, It is common for places to be super crowded on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) because people are free on weekends from work, and academics but on Monday, everyone gets back to their regular life so if you are an introvert who avoid crowded places then you should definitely hang out on Monday.

National Thank God It's Monday Day

Why Is It Important To Enjoy Thank God It’s Monday?

Do you believe in law of attraction? You attract what you think or feel. Most people hate Monday, because it isn’t as fun as the weekend was, but we should be thankful for each day we get to live in. Nothing is more powerful than feel gratitude about the day. So instead of hating on it, you should be grateful and feel gratitude about Monday. Start it from Thank God It’s Monday.

How To Be Productive On Thank God Its Monday?

Start your day with Coffee/Tea

Take a bath

Feel gratitude

Start your day with good mindset

Eat healthy

Get your work done


At the end of the day, spend time with loved ones.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What day is National give God thanks day?

June 2nd, 2014 June 1st, 2015 June 6th, 2016 June 5th, 2017 June 4th, 2018 June 3rd, 2019 June 1st, 2020 June 7th, 2021 June 6th, 2022 June 5th, 2023 June 3rd, 2024 June 2nd, 2025

What is National Monday?

The National Thank God It’s Monday Day is a celebration. It takes place on the first Monday in January.

What is the meaning of Monday?

The moon’s day.

How are you going to celebrate your new National Buffet Day? We hope you enjoyed reading this article. We tried our best to keep you update with all the latest information regarding National Thank God Its Monday Day. Hope you have a great day today.

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