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Nathan For You Season 5, Launching or Not? Cast, Storyline

Do you know about Nathan For You?

Have you ever got attached to a series or maybe to a video game so dedicatedly, that when you completed it, you were clueless about what to do next, since you were too much into the non-existing world of series?

If the answer is yes, then it explains why you’re here. Series makes us so engrossed in them that we are ready to spend our precious time on it every day until we’re done with it.

While watching the series we often start relating to one of the characters which is also our favorite and unknowingly we start developing that character within ourselves. Not only millions of “Nathan For You” loyal fan base but the same has happened with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones and the list just goes on.

Many of the viewers realize that an entertainment series is not just a clip of videos, but for them, it is a source or portraying their identity.

Nathan For You

I know that you have the same feeling for the series “Nathan For You” this is why you are here to know about season 5. I am sure you have so many questions in your mind about “When the Nathan For You Season 5 will launch?”

To know all about it continue reading further, and you will get your answer.

Series have a great psychological impact on an individual who is willing to devote his/her time to it for so long. It doesn’t end here, individuals go beyond the series and follow the characters on social media platforms as well, where they try to dig deep into what is happening in the actor’s current life.

When series means so much to an individual, accepting its end is heart-breaking. With all this going around and inside the viewers, when the series finally comes to a full stop where we won’t be getting the regular dose of our favourite character to relate and copy further, it leaves us with a temporary breakup feeling as if a long-lived relationship has come to an end.

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Cast: Players of Nathan For You

Without Nathan Fielder, the show would not have been called ‘Nathan for You,' therefore he is unquestionably an important member of the cast. He presents himself as a business school graduate and consultant who's goal is to assist ailing companies. Other players of the episodes kept on changing.

Storyline: What makes Nathan For You special? 

When an individual is watching a series, they try to make associations with various characters that are playing roles in the series. Same for “Nathan For You” that was able to do it with general viewers as well as with entrepreneur’s minds by showing us quite a great character “Nathan” which also happens to be the real name of show creator Nathan Joseph Felder.

The show isn’t like other television series where you get to see friendship, love life, or a mythical/fantasy world that doesn’t even exist, but it is about a businessman who wants to help struggling businesses by sharing risk-taking ideas. He also elaborates and outlandish marketing proposals to help them flourish.

The show also highlights his difficulty in socializing as the character “Nathan” feels awkward. As the story continues, the character shares multiple ideas that fail and eventually leads to more social awkwardness for him. Unaware of the fact that his company isn’t really enjoyed by others, he continues to work in the first season but as season 2 progresses he starts knowing about his presence that wasn’t liked as much as he expected to be.

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Plotline: How did the show do in its tenure?

The final premiere of the series gathered a total of 354,000 viewers which is quite a number for a series that never went viral like others and wasn’t released on a huge platform like Netflix. The maximum peak attained at that time was 615,000 viewers but this could not be retained for too long and the average viewer's count came down to 300,000+ average for seasons 2 to 4.

The creators performed several stunts to bring the attention of mainstream media to the show and if not exponentially excellent, the strategies definitely worked out to a fine extent.

The show began on February 28, 2013, and last aired on November 9 2017 with a total of 4 seasons and 8 episodes each except for season 4 that had 7 episodes and one bonus episode separate from the season. You would be glad to know the series got critical acclaim and that’s how we know that the show has hit it really big back in 2013.

One such example is of the remarks given by Neil Genzlinger who is from the New York Times,” it is a series that has an analytical perspective about the economy of the 21st Century, he also praised Fielder for shedding light on the relationship between the economy and absurdity. IMDB has rated “Nathan For You” the highest among all the comedy centers. The list of similar such compliments from multiple reputed sources goes on and viewers of the show will totally agree to it.

Release Date:

Sadly we have to tell you that there is no release date for the “Nathan For You” season 5 as it is not being planned. Read the reason behind it below:-

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Wrapping up:

Is there no possibility of season 5 being made, ever?

Well, I hate to say this but yes there is nearly no hope of “Nathan For You” season 5 being made as to the official statement from the show makers Comedy Central came out in 2018 where they mentioned that they had to work on other projects while leaving this show and since then there hasn’t been any official statement claiming to show the possibility of makers planning to work on the series.

While season 4 was an absolute masterpiece, the official statement rolled out isn’t something viewers expected or felt justified, which says, “For the past five years Comedy Central had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Nathan Fielder on Nathan For You. His creative and clever comedy has helped to establish this series as a comedy touchstone, and we are pleased to be a part of it. We accept Nathan's decision to end the series and eagerly await his next project.”


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