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NASA’s Mars Helicopter: The First Aircraft To Fly On Another Planet

NASA‘s Mars Mission 2020 is just going as per the plan. Its rover is finished. They call it ‘Perseverance’. So, you can expect to see it very soon.

Also, it is sending its helicopter along with the rocket. It was not initially intended to be on the NASA’s Mars Mission. However, now that tests are done on it, it is deemed suitable. It is considered that the rocket will survive there.

So, if this goes per the plan, the Helicopter will be the first aircraft to fly on another planet. The helicopter will be an aid to the rover.

It will help in this mission. However, there are chances that this might not go as expected.


The Helicopter And Perseverance

The NASA’s Mission is all set. But the problem is the add on the helicopter. So, if the helicopter foes as per expectation, there isn’t much to worry about.

The helicopter has been tested once on our land, and it has worked just fine. Now the issue is if it will sustain similarly on the thin gravity red plant.

However, since the helicopter is ultra-light, this is thought to be possible. Also, its RPM is just perfect for the thin atmosphere on Mars.

So, if all the calculations work well, this will be a historic moment for NASA. It is expected to happen very soon now.

Why The Work Has To Be Done Now?

NASA’s has not slowed down the work even during the novel coronavirus pandemic. This ain’t surprising. This is because this Mission is bound to happen now.

Otherwise, it will take another 2 years for the Earth and Mars to align in this manner. So, this is an opportunity that you can’t lose.

To ensure that this happens right now, it is working hard. Even during the pandemic, they’re making sure that they’re abiding by the dates when events have to occur.

This is extremely crucial for NASA.


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Expected Dates Of Launch

If things go right, you’ll see this movement very soon. The Perseverance is all set to launch on the 17th of July this year.

Then, it will reach Mars in about the early parts of 2021. Of what is expected, it will rest on the red planet in February 2021.

These dates, however, are very tentative. More will only be said when there is clarity about the same. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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