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NASA And ESA: Space Agencies Decide To Go Coronavirus Research


David Mudd

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) planning to do either research or relief services. For that, they solicited proposals from European companies those which can use space assets to support health care and education. The space assets include communications, navigation, and earth observation satellites. NASA measured pollution-drop in China using satellite. Moreover, they found a huge drop in pollution after the Corona outbreak.

In a statement from ESA, the president of the Italian Space Agency told that in this kind of emergency, space must be used for the service of everyone. All the selected companies will have access to 2.5 million euros of the fund. Besides, free satellite capacity for the project also will be provided.


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Selection Of The Companies And Projects They Are Used For

April 20 is the due date for companies to submit an initial proposal to ESA. After that, within a week the primarily selected companies have to submit a complete proposal. They are providing this opportunity for the companies to develop and deploy their best ideas to respond in a crisis like this. Selected companies can become a part of history with this opportunity.

NASA invited proposals for the project with its Earth science division. They seeking proposals from them, who can use their properties and services to address global economic and societal impacts. Besides, they are using this project to study the impacts of decreased human activities in the Earth’s environment.


After all, NASA  also seemed ideas and information from its employees too. These new proposals from both space researching firms will give more acceleration to the health and economical field of many countries to get back into their normal form.

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