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Naomie Olindo Ex: What She Stated About Their Split?


David Mudd

Naomie is a TV personality and social media influencer from France. She rose to prominence after appearing on the television show Southern Charm. Southern Charm portrays a world of opulence, money, and scandal that spans generations of Charleston families. Naomie is currently a well-known social media personality, celebrity, and entrepreneur.
Naomie is a successful businesswoman who has her own e-commerce company. Despite being a European from France, she has become a household name in the United States. All of her celebrity has come from the affection and support of her supporters in the United States. Naomie is currently in the spotlight following her breakup with Metul Shah. She had divorced him owing to suspected disloyalty.Naomie Olindo Ex

About Naomie and Her Education

She was born in the year 1992 on August 4th. As of 2021, she will be 29 years old. Naomie was born in France and retains French nationality. She is of the White European ethnic group. Her parents raised Olindo in the United States. She also has a sister who grew up with Naomie.

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Naomie is a well-educated young lady, according to her educational background. She was admitted to the Private Elite High School for her elementary schooling and graduated from the same institution. She enrolled to the College of Charleston to further her education. Naomie has an MBA, which aided her entry into the e-commerce market.

Personal Matters, Boyfriend and Spouse

Naomie Olindo, 26, began seeing her then-boyfriend “Craig Conover” in 2015. He is an American television personality, Instagram celebrity, and one of the major cast members of the reality show “Southern Charm.”They used to go to the same college, according to a source. Craig later reunited with Olindo via text messages and the two became good friends. They began their romance soon after and made their love life public.Naomie Olindo Ex

Furthermore, Naomie and Conover ended their relationship in 2017. Craig also disclosed on his Instagram account that they never fought, although they think extremely differently.Then, Olindo began dating her new boyfriend “Metul Shah.” He works as an anesthesiology resident in South Carolina. Furthermore, Naomie will make her official return to the reality show in Season 6 alongside her partner.

The Bravo show launched on May 15, 2019, and it was filmed in September of last year. The businesswoman also stated that she began dating Shah in April of this year. In fact, she captioned a photo of the adorable couple “Pray for him” on Instagram.

Who Is Metul Shah

Metul Shah is an American professional doctor of medicine (MD), anesthesiology specialist, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Columbia, Maryland. He is well-known in the country as an anesthesiologist. Metul served as a Resident Physician at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a professional doctor.
He has a lot of experience in the medical field. Metul is also a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine (VCU). He is also well-known in the country as Naomi Olindo’s ex-partner.

Olindo on Her Relationship With Shah

The reality actress, who returns to Bravo’s Southern Charm this Thursday for a new season premiere, tells PEOPLE that she and Shah have not spoken since their split in July 2021.

“We spoke when we first split up, but we haven’t communicated in almost a year,” Olindo explains. She adds, “It’s really ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s good to keep in contact with your ex.” “Once all necessary topics have been discussed, there is no need to revisit the topic. I believe that the no-contact rule is really vital. I simply followed that path.”

Olindo, age 29, and Shah, age 31, dated for close to three years before breaking up. The former couple met in Charleston but moved to New York City together last summer, just 10 days before Olindo uncovered Shah’s infidelity via social media.

Managing the rift in the public eye had its benefits. Olindo recalls, “As difficult as it was at the time, it was almost beneficial because it forced me to deal with the situation head-on, rather than pushing it off.” It made me extremely responsible for the situation. Naomie Olindo Ex

Naomie Olindo made her first public statement regarding her split from Metul Shah after learning of his suspected affair. She added, “I was still trying to understand what had just occurred when I realised that adultery steals reality.” Then I thought, ‘What is my life? What am I up to? What have I been doing recently? Who are you?’ “I’m questioning my judgement, wondering how I could have missed all of this.” On the Monday, February 7 episode of the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast, Olindo stated the following. “Everybody knew. Then, individuals begin to comment on the situation.