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Nancy Pelosi And Trump


David Mudd

Pelosi review: the speaker, her rise and how she came to rent space in Donald Trump’s brain

Nancy’s Past

For all those who don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is, well, she is the speaker of the House.

An earnest Trump protester, she has always mocked him at the State of the Union.

Nevertheless, she resides in a very vivid part of Trump’s brain which cannot let go of the insults.

Now Time Magazine’s writer Molly Ball has had her research on Nancy and she has come up with a biography.

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The biography utterly matches with one of America’s most strong-willed woman.

Nancy, apparently, was a daughter of a Democratic mayor and a former congressman.

Politics at that time was absolutely marked followed by the Great Depression and the New Deal.

The young girl was thorough with the happenings of her immigrant mother and after she died, her brother Tommy, called their mother the true politician.

After college, Nancy married a banker who goes by the name Paul and lived a decent life, away from politics until now.

Politics was inside her right from birth, but she joined in quite later. By the time she was 30, she already had 5 children.

However, this didn’t mean it was the end of her career. It was yet to begin!

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Her Career Beginning

Nancy had an utmost liking for books and this was thoroughly noticed by Joseph Alioto.

He wanted to appoint her to the public library commission. He wanted her to get recognition.

This is how she came into the public eye and was known to be the feminist-minded worker who was assisted from some unknown source.

What next? Well, she put a lot of effort into making California governor Jerry Brown’s presidential campaign a success.

And when thankfully enough, he won, he thanked Nancy and termed her the architect of his campaign.

By this time, Nancy had become a household name. She was no more just a housewife, or a volunteer. She was a strategist!