Nanbaka Season 3: Will Four-Man Comedy Series Be Back On Screen?


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With the passing of every signal day, it is becoming harder to wait for the Nanbaka season 3. Moreover, we received numerous questions….Whether Nanbaka season 3 will be there? When to expect season 3 of Nanbaka? Who will be acting in season 3? And many more.

Fans are furious and demanding season 3. If you have similar questions like this, brace yourself and begin your journey with us to acquire each and every detail about Nanbaka Season 3.

Progressing towards the details:

Nanbaka Season 3:

Popularly, known as Nanbaka- The Numbers, a Japanese manga series produced by Sho Futamata. Later on, it was adapted into anime television series and successfully completed two seasons.

The plotline spins around four young men who have been ascribed to the most prominent prison, Nanbaka. Each of the four-man has further faced issues due to their behavior and mistakes. Even the show rating is quite acceptable, the act achieves a rating of 6.8 from IMDb.

Starting with Jyugo- Jyugo attempts to break the jail but in return, his jail time extended. Whereas, Rock is fond of munching and fighting, for this he faces issues. The third man, Uno appeared as a gambler thus faces consequences, and the last leading protagonist Otaku, a drug-addicted personality. Their actions end up all of them being prison inmates.

Isn’t it is sounding interesting? Every onlooker gets attached to the storyline and of course the way the scenes are presented. Thus, the series great impression is compiling the audience for demanding season 3.

I have shared screenshots, see how anxiously supporters are looking for season 3.

When you will be able to Premiere Nanbaka Season 3:

I know, you are searching hard for acquiring this information. But dementedly, creators are not talking about this issue, and yet there is no official declaration regarding the continuation of the series.

Nothing is shared about the Nanbaka release date. However, the fans have high expectations from the series. You, me, and all have to wait for the words of the Nanbaka showrunner.

Don’t worry, once gives a positive signal, without any delay we will share it with you.

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Who will perform in Nanbaka Season 3?

Once the sequel of the series will be finalized that all its prominent characters will be back on screen to relish you. Apart from this, we expect new faces as well for new twists and turns. Some of the names of the leading characters are:

  • Uno
  • Jyugo
  • Nico
  • Rock
  • Yamato Godai.
  • Samon Gokuu.
  • Inori Hakkai.
  • Kiji Mitsuba.
  • Kenshiro Yozakura.
  • Hitoshi Sugoroku.
  • Mitsuru Hitokoe
  • Momoko Hyakushiki
  • Hajime Soguroku
  • Seitarou Tanabata

Which role you liked the most, do share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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Any Spoilers for Nanbaka Season 3:

As of now, no potential plot has been shared yet by the producers. But, there are rumors that Season 3 will be flourishing in 12 episodes, it is not confirmed yet.

Nothing has been shared that- what will be displayed in season 3 but one is sure, once any updates come, we will definitely share it with you.

Is there any Trailer available yet?

Since the series is not confirmed so no trailer is revealed yet. But we will update the section for you as soon as Nanbaka’s first-look will release. Till then, you can enjoy a video that will describe special Nanbaka funny moments.

I know, you are expecting the trailer but it is not yet released. You can relish yourself with this video:

Do share your opinion on this video, by writing to us in the comment section.

Gather every minute information about Ambitions, whether the show will continue for further seasons or it has been canceled by the creators and the showrunners.

Terminal Words:

Assuming, all your queries are solved and you have acquired everything that you were wandering off. The article completely provides everything that you must know about Nanbaka Season 3.

In case, you have any stale desire regarding this series then write your doubt in the comment section. We will definitely fix it. Or for any other anime or manga shows information, freely contact us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we expect Season 3 of Nanbaka?

No concrete information is available, whether season 3 will be back or not. Nanbaka creators are resisting to talk about season 3 and no positive signal is given from them. So, everyone is in mystify.

Who is most powerful and strongest in Nanbaka?

Hajime Sugoroku is one of the leading protagonists of the Nanbaka anime. He is appearing as a Nanba Prison guard, where is recognized as the prison’s strongest guard for ages. Moreover, he is an administrator of building thirteen and older sib of Hitoshi Sugoroku.

Is Nanbaka is finished?

Since after the successful run of two seasons, Nanbaka is on a long rest. No fan has expected such as long delay. The season is not confirmed yet by the makers, all concerned authorities are silent on season 3. Still, there is little hope for its renewal.

Who put restraints on Jyugo?

The “Supervisor” or “Man with the Scar” is one of the leading characters in the Nanbaka and he is one who puts the Jyugo in this situation. His real name is not yet been revealed in the series. Furthermore, he is the charge of Team Elf.

Is Nanbaka is available on Crunchyroll?

Yess.. you can access Nanbaka on Crunchyroll without any issue. So, enjoy it.