Nailed It Season 7 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?


David Mudd

The craze for reality shows is increasing day by day and if we go towards reality shows I love the cooking and baking shows among all the reality shows because food is everyone’s love and if it is delicious then nothing is more important than it. That’s why cooking shows are loved by many and here I also came up with one of the cooking reality shows on Netflix in which bakers come and show their talent in a given but limited one hour time.

Anyone can be a good cook but performing under any person it is difficult to do a task in a limited time and it is hard one to win the competition and that’s why I loved to enjoy the Netflix series “Nailed It”.

In this article we are going to talk about everything about Nailed It Season 7. What do you think about whether the show is confirmed or cancelled after releasing its six seasons by doing hard competitions among contestants and many different and funny desserts.

nailed it season 7

The host or the judges made the show funny and good with their hilarious results. Sometimes displays of cakes or desserts are so funny that even contestants can’t control the laughter.

And even the contestants try to do enough to manage and surprise Nicole Byer along with other judges.

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Nailed It Season 7: Renewed or Cancelled?

nailed it season 7

At the time of writing this article there is no official announcement regarding this series whether the show is ended or renewed. But hopes for the new season 7 is more as the show runned for 6 seasons safely and chances for renewal is more as compare to cancellation of the drama as the show is nominated for two Emmys at the 2021 ceremony and it is good time to renew the show like its previous seasons which came out in first half of 2021 and then in later in 2021 next season.

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date

I know you are looking for the release or window date of the Nailed It cooking show for season 7 but unfortunately nothing official came out about this season. There are equal chances for Nailed it to renew or cancel as no official statement came out about season 7. But still we are hoping that we will see a new season soon as the show is amazing and runs successfully for 6 seasons with hilarious cooking and designs.

Last year its two seasons came in a single year and the prior came in March 2021 and then the second season came in September 2021. If we follow the same pattern then we will get to see Nailed It Season 7 between March and July 2022 and this one is only a guess work.

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Nailed It Season 7 Contestants

Who are the players or Bakers in the new season of Nailed It?

nailed it season 7

As we all came to know that no news regarding the new season came out so still nothing can be said about who is going to take part in Season 7 of Nailed it. Each player competes with another competitor and the closest one to the design shown in the beginning wins that task and moves to the next level to earn the prize money.

As we all know that contestants are different but judges are the same for many seasons and the main host of the show is Nicole Byer who always does funny things and makes the contestants laugh in series movement by putting her ideas in a positive way. Along with Nicole, Jacques Torres is also with her as a co-host to give her contribution in this reality show.

The third guest compliments when he thinks it is a good level of work and gives contestants honest commentary on what they performed and what they made in a limited time.

There are also other guests like Lil Rel Howery, Dave Arnold and Bobby Lee.

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Is there Any Trailer for Season 7 of Nailed It!

There is no trailer for season 7 of this amazing Nailed It show but we will update this section when the trailer or teaser uploads on the internet.

But till then you can enjoy previous seasons trailer of Nailed it which is given below-


Where You Can Watch Nailed It Show?

You can watch this show on Netflix and on Justwatch.com.

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Nailed It! Is a best show to watch as it is a cooking reality show which received 7.4 ratings on IMDB out of 10 and 74% on Compare TV.

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