Nadiya Bakes Is the Antidote We Need for Lockdown Sameness


David Mudd

Nadiya Hussain’s new book, Nadiya Bakes, and accompanying TV series are filled with gorgeous recipes. These recipes will warm your heart and lift your spirits. Nadiya Bakes has a recipe for every occasion. Whether you’re feeding your family, celebrating with friends, or simply pottering around your kitchen on the weekend. If you’re watching Nadiya Bakes on BBC2 and want to find all of the show’s recipes. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of all the recipes that have appeared on Nadiya Bakes thus far. Also we’ll be updating this page every week with the most recent bakes from the series.

Nadiya Bakes

Baking is Nadiya Hussain’s “happy place.” It can be yours, too, thanks to her new Netflix show.

Plot of the Show, Nadiya Bakes

Nadiya Hussain, the Great British Bake Off winner and beloved food personality, sits down with one of her almost-too-decadent creations — a mango sponge cake, a tutti-frutti pavlova topped with candied cherries, a cookie tower filled with candy — at the end of each episode of Nadiya Bakes, as if she’s about to eat the whole thing herself. She then hands a piece to someone off-screen. The camera angle shifts, revealing the show’s crew: Hussain insists on keeping a six-foot distance as everyone digs in. In the first episode, the boom operator eats his cake without using a fork while the boom hovers overhead. Hussain jokingly invites the crew to come get a piece of her tomato galette in the third episode. As if they were going to leave her to eat it all alone, mukbang-style.

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This moment of sharing tends to be relieving for you as a viewer. Since, you realize that the crew of the show has been working all day to create the loving, glossy shots of these dishes. And now they finally get to eat. It’s also a reminder that, unlike in Hussain’s previous series. Nadiya’s Time to Eat, there are no large shared meals with friends or family during COVID. There are only your coworkers who are essential. Instead of feeling depressing, Hussain manages to infuse these final shots with warmth and joy.

What Is the Show All About?

This is the first full-fledged baking show of Hussain since winning Bake Off is Nadiya Bakes. It is also great to see her back in her element. The show isn’t a COVID baking show, but it’s also not a non-COVID baking show. At the very least, it’s a show about finding joy in baking and making the most of it in the face of isolation and limitation. Her previous show featured her delightful visits to both cooks in need of advice and massive food factories.

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And the end of episodes frequently included her family; Nadiya Bakes is Hussain baking for her production bubble, with separately shot segments featuring bakers she admires from around the UK.

Nadiya Bakes

Few of Her Recipes

Cupcakes With Strawberries and Clotted Cream

These lovely cupcakes have a biscuit base and a fresh strawberry center, and they’re topped with strawberry ice cream frosting. The sponge is made with clotted cream rather than butter, which gives it a deliciously delicate texture.

Pizza With Blueberries and Lavender Scone

With this pizza-sized lavender-infused scone topped with clotted cream, blueberry jam, and fresh berries, Nadiya puts a tasty spin on an afternoon tea classic.

Cake With Mango and Coconut Yogurt and German Buttercream

If you’re looking for a show-stopping cake to celebrate with, this mouthwatering mango and coconut yogurt cake filled with fluffy German buttercream is the way to go.

Cheesecake With Banana Ice Cream and Blueberry Compote

Nadiya’s vegan banana cheesecake has an oat and nut base and is topped with a blueberry compote.

Roly Poly Jam

This one is for all you jam roly poly fans out there. This is classic British pudding nostalgia at its sweetest, served with custard and fresh fruit.

Pavlova With Tutti Frutti Fruits

This dessert is a tutti frutti cake transformed into a pavlova, complete with jewel-like dried fruits, chopped nuts, and chocolate shavings.

Galette With Tomatoes

Every baker should have a go-to galette recipe in their arsenal, and this tomato, anchovy, and caper variation has umami for days and is a great way to use up a late summer glut of tomatoes.

Brownies, Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The hunt for the perfect brownie is over. Nadiya’s triple layer chocolate brownies feature a chocolate chip brownie base, dulce de leche and nut middle, and zesty cheesecake topping.

Nadiya Bakes

Cobbler With Roasted Fruit

Why eat a plain cobbler when you can have a chocolate one?

Madeleines Treacle

Master the art of madeleines with Nadiya’s simple recipe.

Flan Au Chocolate

As far as we’re concerned, anything baked in a bundt tin is an instant show-stopper, but this two-toned coffee, chocolate, and caramel cake may just call for a new super show-stopper category.

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Brioche Wreath With Cranberries and Chili

This cranberry and chili-spiked brioche wreath is the ultimate festive tear and share, and it makes an ideal centerpiece for a spread of Christmas nibbles.

Empanadas With Pecan Pie

Nadiya’s clever mini sweet treats are filled with a pecan and clotted cream mixture, combining the equally wondrous worlds of pecan pie and empanadas.

Mango and Black Peppercorn Cranachan by Nadiya Hussain

This simple dessert, which combines sweet, fragrant mango with whipped cream and toasted cornflakes, is Nadiya’s take on a traditional Scottish cranachan.

Croissant Pudding With Ice Cream

This clever and time-saving recipe is Nadiya’s take on a bread and butter pudding, made with croissants for an extra flaky bake and ice cream instead of custard to get you to pudding heaven faster.

Quiche With Potato Rösti

This recipe combines two very different dishes to create something new and utterly delicious: a creamy quiche filling encased in a crisp potato rösti base. It makes a flavorful lunch when served with a green salad.

Pretzels With Onions

Making your own pretzels is far less difficult than you might think with Nadiya’s assistance. For an intensely savory flavor, these soft, pillowy pretzels are laced with crispy fried onions.

Butter Kisses With Rhubarb and Custard

These butter kisses are made with custard powder and filled with a mixture of white chocolate and crushed boiled sweets, inspired by the classic sweet shop flavor combination of rhubarb and custard.

Chocolate Fondant Sharing

This super-sized sharing fondant is the way to go if you want all the gooey, chocolatey glory of fondants without the hassle of individual ramekins. All of the delectableness, none of the cleanup.

Florentines With Ginger and Almonds

The chocolate-dipped almond Florentines from Nadiya are flavored with crystallized ginger and orange. Make a batch to give as a tasty gift to a lucky loved one.

Doughnuts With Pulled Chicken

Your eyes are not deceiving you; the recipe title is indeed pulled chicken doughnuts. Is there a more appealing concept? We doubt it.

Diamonds of Turmeric and Ginger

Nadiya’s Lebanese-inspired turmeric and ginger cake takes a diamond-shaped twist on a traditional traybake.

Biscuits With Amaretti

Nadiya’s simple recipe for this classic Italian morsel includes a subtle raspberry hint, because who doesn’t love the classic combination of almond and raspberry?

King Cake With Praline

It’s no surprise that this vibrant Praline King Cake hails from New Orleans, a city known for its festivities. Nadiya’s version has praline cream inside and is topped with desiccated coconut.

Honey Hazelnut Cake With Salted Hazelnuts

This magnificent tiered honey cake is made up of eight biscuit-like layers that are sandwiched together with a sweet vanilla and sour cream filling.


Baking is Hussain’s “happy place” and a form of self-care: “If I’m anxious, I bake.” I bake when I’m feeling down. I don’t have to think about anything else when I’m concentrating on a recipe.” It’s a shame that Hussain’s work as a mental health advocate and her openness about overcoming panic disorder are unlikely to be known to American audiences, or at least those scrolling through Netflix looking for a cooking show. If there’s one food personality I’d like to hear about baking as self-care from, it’s the woman who appeared in a documentary about her own exposure therapy.