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Mystery Show 1899: Storyline, Release Date & Treasure


Hadley Bourn

I am a person who likes mystery and Drama equally, but I have always been curious to know about how many of you are like me?

Do you know how many people like Mystery shows in the USA? Can you just make a guess? Is it 30% ? or is it 40%? or 50%?

Wait!! I’ll tell you, according to the survey by TiVo’s Q2 2019 Video Trends Report revealed that there are 37.1 % of people in USA like mystery shows and 51.5 % likes Drama.

If you fall within this 37.1% then I am quite sure that you will love the coming up new Mystery Show “1899” which is being launched by the creators of the series “Dark” Baron bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

You will get to know all about this series in this blog. So what are you waiting for? Let’s move further.

Brief about “Dark”: A Mystery and a Drama Together

If you haven’t watched Dark, Don’t worry; you will just get a snapshot of it to picturise the coming up series “1899 more clearly”.

Dark is a mystery and drama series that disclose the dark secrets of a small German town and the families who live in the area. The series jumps from the present time to the past incidents, although creating suspense and mystery all around.

It has 3 parts till date, the 3rd part was released in June 2020 on Netflix.

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A Gist about “1899” Storyline

Undoubtedly it will be a unique series as one of the insta posts reveals that all the characters will speak in their own language; it is a fusion of characters with different lifestyles, languages, social class from Europe.

The series, scenes a migrant steamship coming from London and moving to New York to abandon the old continent. All the passengers who are different from each other in so many aspects are yet connected with their hopes and one goal that is to reach their new destination. But their hopes are seen smashing down when they discover another migrant ship.

After this, their journey takes an ambiguous turn which was their terrifying nightmare, they had never thought of.

Till now, aren’t you intrigued to know more about the series? I am sure you are, and I am sure that you cannot wait to watch the whole series now. But unfortunately, you have to wait for it to get released.

When will “1899” be Released?

Even amidst the Covid-19 situation, filming of the series started in early 2021, and fighting through all the odds of restricted physical proximity, all the players are putting in their hard work to bring this unique piece of work to Netflix in 2022.


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 You have to wait like a seed to watch the series until it gets released. But as it is said, Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. I am sure that your wait will be worth it once you see it in 2022. This series will get released on Netflix, so get the subscription soon if you don’t have one.

1899 Web Series Cast: Who all are in 1899?

You will be glad to know about the players who are playing the role of various characters in the series:

  • Alexandre Willaume,
  • Clara Rosager,
  • Gabby Wong,
  • Miguel Bernardeu,
  • Emily Beecham,
  • Yann Gael,
  • Aneurin Barnard,
  • Anton Lesser,
  • Jonas Bloquet,
  • Maciej Musial,
  • Maria Ertwoler.

If you are a fan of season “Dark”, then I am sure you wouldn’t have forgotten Andreas Pietschmann.

Do you remember what role he played?

Yes, you are right, he played the role of a stranger in all the three seasons.

1899 Treasure

While you are waiting for its trailer, it will not be an empathetic thought from our side to expect its trailer so soon. But as Baron bo Odar and Jantje Friese always live it to our expectation, they have launched a treasure in 2021. Enjoy watching it..

Wrapping Up

1899 seems like a mystery series that we haven’t seen before, this is the reason

I am very much excited to see this series, and I am not sure how I will hold on to my excitement till 2020.

Are you feeling the same? I am sure you also have the same excitement level as me.

But don’t worry, you can catch more information about the series “1899” on our website so stay updated and stay tuned.

Don’t forget to tell us how you feel about the series in the comment section.