Fans are Eagerly Waiting for ‘Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2’ to Release!



Kyoto Animation’s anime series is one of the most unique shows that you will ever come across. It is no wonder that people are going to explore the potential future of the anime series because of their well-developed visuals and compelling nature. In recent times, a lot of new anime shows have been released, allowing people to see what the series can be about.

The majority of people are looking for the latest anime series but the fans of Myriad Colors Phantom World are still running behind the possibility of the show. Myriad Colors Phantom World is one of the popular anime of the studio which made its initial debut in 2016.

Inspired by the popular manga series that shares the same name, Myriad Colors Phantom World generated the attention of viewers around the world. The series was officially concluded but people are looking forward to seeing if there are any possibilities for them to watch more of it. Here is everything you need to know about Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2.

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Written by Sōichirō Hatano
Illustrated by Shibari
Published by Kyoto Animation
Imprint KA Esuma Bunko
Demographic Male
Original run 20 December 2013 – 11 February 2016
Volumes 3
Directed by Tatsuya Ishihara
Produced by Eharu Ōhashi, Shinichi Nakamura, Shigeru Saitō, Masayuki Nishide
Written by Fumihiko Shimo
Music by Effy
Studio Kyoto Animation
Licensed by Crunchyroll
Original network Tokyo MX, TVA, ABC, BS11, AT-X
English network SEA: Aniplus Asia
Original run 7 January 2016 – 31 March 2016
Episodes 13 + OVA

Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to be released?

On January 7, 2016, the first season of the show was announced. As soon as the show debuted, the series generated high popularity and brought massive sucess among the people. With the release of the show, the series came forward with 13 episodes which concluded on  March 31, 2016.

After that, the anime series was followed up by special episodes. Though many people desired to watch the series, it wasn’t released but was distributed as CD/DVD. They were coming to the major question which is regarding the renewal status of the show.

It’s been over 7 years since the viewers last watched the series. I’m still hoping to see season 2 of the show. If there comes any news regarding the future potential of the series, We will make sure to let you know through this article.

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Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Even though we don’t have any confirmation regarding the second installment of this anime series we can still take a look at the cast of the show. If there comes a second season of the show we are going to get all the Voice over artists to play their characters. In the next few lines, we are going to take a look at them.

  • Haruhiko Ichijo Voiced by: Hiro Shimono, Omi Minami (child) (Japanese); Micah Solusod, Apphia Yu (child) (English)
  • Mai Kawakami by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors (English)
  • Reina Izumi Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)
  • Koito Minase Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado (English)
  • Ruru Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)
  • Kurumi Kumamakura Voiced by: Misaki Kuno (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)
  • Shosuke Morohashi Voiced by: Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese), Dallas Reid (English)
  • Arisu Himeno Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Carli Mosier (English)

In the second season, if that happens, there might be some additional characters making their way to the show. As of now, we don’t have any confirmation of the show’s new faces. If we get any information, we will make sure to let you know.

Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with it?

The Story of the anime series features around prehistoric times, when someone experiments on human minds, making them more efficient and powerful. However, during the experiment human brains had gone wrong, which ultimately created a lot of problems among the people.

As that happens, a virus outbreak results in the infection of the brains of all human beings, as it only allows them to see mythical beasts that have been living with them all this time. As the cities continue, we see how these mythical beans generate new evolution and create a new world that is filled with phantoms and ghosts.

A conflict between these two groups arises and we see how the destination of humans turns out to have more powers and make themselves more efficient to fight back. The shoe features their life and how they try to protect themselves. The story of the series features a team of high schoolers, who decided to destroy the evil ghost.

The series continues to feature these students who are efficiently powerful and have a lot of courage to make the world a peaceful place for humans to live. We also see how the team destroys the evil gods and in response to that money to pay off the school fees.

There is a second season of the show coming to the audience lately to get the story of the series to continue. Just like the majority of Anime series, the show is also inspired by the popular Manga series. with the availability of source material expect the story of the series to continue forward.

Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official trailer for the second season of the show. The creator of the series has not yet confirmed anything but if you have not watched the official trailer for season 1 here are the details for it.

Where to watch the show?

A lot of people want to watch the anime series and if you are one of them then it is exclusively available on Amazon Prime for the audience to watch. 

What are the ratings of the show?

Let’s take a look at the online rating of this anime series and see what the critics and the audience have to say about it.

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The showmakers have not yet confirmed anything regarding season 2 of the series. A lot of people are looking forward to watching the show but at the time of writing neither the studio nor the creator have confirmed the future potential of the show.

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