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South Korean Drama My Secret Terrius Is Going Viral And Here’s Why


David Mudd

My Secret Terrius: In this ongoing global crisis, the only measure people can take to help is by staying indoors. But staying home all day is making hysterical. With social-distancing, people need something to relate to. And that’s what they’re looking for when they stream Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

The sudden increase in the number of watches for Contagion is proof of it.

The public has found on Netflix another drama that comes to close to talking about Coronavirus. Here’s all you need to know about My Secret Terrius it.

My Secret Terrius

My Secret Terrius

My Secret Terrius is a South-Korean drama of 2018.

The plot of the show is the story of a woman who loses her husband. After he passes away, she comes to know of the huge conspiracy he was part of when he was alive. She must get to the bottom of things to find out the truth.

Read more about the details of the show here.

The show is available on Netflix in the UK and US.

References To Coronavirus

In episode 10 of My Secret Terrius, there’s a scene that’s about 3-minutes long. In this scene, a woman who could be the lead of the show is talking to a doctor. The talk is of Coronavirus.

The doctor explains to her how it is a respiratory disease and attacks the lungs of an infected person within just five minutes of entering his/her body.

Coronavirus is explained as a mutant virus, which is true. We also see the two talking about how it has no cure or vaccine.

Moreover, it is suggested that the virus, like the real one, could be lethal if it spreads. It has the potential to wipe out mankind if not contained.

My Secret Terrius

The novel Coronavirus has already taken the lives of more than 20,000 people.

Saying that the 2018 series has predicted the 2020 outbreak would not be entirely wrong.

However, in the show, the disease is used as a biochemical weapon by a terrorist group. Could that be true for the current pandemic as well?

Whether it’s a real prediction or a mere coincidence, people are drawing comfort from it in times of crisis. And we hope that it serves the purpose.

Did you know that the Coronavirus death toll of Spain has surpassed that of China? Read more about it here.