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My Secret, Terrius: A Korean Drama From 2018 Foreshadowing The Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is the most fearful thing in the world right now. Already it affected 183 countries and peoples are under home-isolation there. But recently there is news that makes a buzz on the internet. A South Korean drama “My Secret, Terrius” fore showed the pandemic in 2018 and it is going viral. People are surprised by this information. So, let’s have a look.

My Secret, Terrius

It’s a South Korean television series drama that aired in 2018. Specifically, MBC TV aired “My Secret, Terrius” from 27th September to 15th November 2018. The time slot of the episodes was 21:55(KST). South Korean actors So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun, Son Ho-jun, Im Se-mi starred in this drama. There were 32 episodes in total.

My Secret Terrius

The story of the drama goes like this. Ae-rin (Jung In-sun) lost her husband in mysterious circumstances. She along with her NIS agent neighbor Kim Bon (So Ji-sub) started to find out her husband’s death cause. In their investigation, they came to know that there was a big conspiracy behind that mysterious death.

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 Foreshowed The Coronavirus Pandemic

As the people are stuck in homes due to coronavirus outbreak, they are digging up old TV series, dramas, etc. Some of them are searching for the shows that showed similar virus outbreak. And now, viewers of a South Korean drama “My Secret, Terrius” found out that this drama foreshowed COVID-19 pandemic in one of their episodes so much accurately.

In the 10th episode of the drama, there was a conversation between a doctor and another character on the 53rd minute. In that conversation, the doctor was explaining about a virus attack. She told the other person that they need to do more research on mutant coronavirus.

My Secret, Terrius

She also said that this virus, MERS, SARS all are under the same gene family. Someone twisted this virus which increased its mortality rate by 90%. This mutant virus can attack people’s respiratory system by exposing only for 5 minutes. That doctor also mentioned that there was no cure for the virus attack.

Now people are going crazy about it. How can a drama from 2018 predict such a huge pandemic in 2020 beforehand? Is there anything that is still unknown? So many questions begin to rise after the clip of “My Secret, Terrius” went viral.

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