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My Mister Season 2 Trailers, Cast, Plot & Latest Updates !


Sandeep Singh

Hello lads, today we will talk about a drama named My Mister

The Director of My Mister season 1 is one of your favourites Kim won-Seok. Park Ji Hyun with Studio Dragon produced this show for the Korean audience.

There is one season of My Mister with sixteen episodes, 90 minutes each.

Are promises meant to be broken? We will see if this is true.

What is the Plotline of My Mister Season 2?

My Mister Season 2

My Mister is a Korean drama written by Park Hae-Young. He writes on the life of a woman (Lee Ji-an) who was living a miserable life, a debt-laden woman living with her deaf and ill grandmother. Park Dong-hoon with his family facing similar problems. one day both of them meet at their workplace and a special bond establishes. maybe because of similar circumstances. They love to meet each other and connect with drama. starts when he got to know that his wife had an extramarital with the CEO of a company. and a new co-worker saw him taking a bribe.

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Park is struggling with his unemployed brothers and has the responsibility of running the family. He gets some emotional support from Lee, they share everything and pour their heart out which make their relation stronger. At the end of the show, they promised each other to meet.

Release Date of My Mister Season 2?

My Mister season 1 is the success of 2018. It debuted on the screens on March 21, 2018. Since My Mister had an open ending we can expect the new season of the same. The production has not confirmed such progress. K-drama doesn’t follow any other season maybe this would the exception.

We will update the page as soon as we get the latest information.

Who Will Perform Whom in My Mister Season 2?

My Mister Season 2

1. Lee Sun-Kyun will be seen as Park Dong-hoon. ( He is a structural engineer who is very cautious about safety. He is very negative in life but goes the extra mile for those he loves).

2. Lee Ji-eun (IU) will be seen as Lee Ji-an.

Kim Gyu-Ri played the role of child Ji-an. ( She is the woman who is suffering from very hardships in life. She fell in love with her supervisor because of his warmth and his charm. It is the first she trusted someone).

3. Go Doo-shim will be seen playing Byun Yo-soon. ( She is a generous woman and caring mother who always think about her three sons).

4. Park Ho-san will play the role of Park Sang-hoon. ( He is the elder brother of Park Dong-hoon who has been fired from the job recently).

5. Song Sae-Byeok played the role of Park Ki-hoon. He is the younger brother Dong-hoon, who is a failure in the field of direction.

6. Ahn Seung-Gyun played the role of Song Ki-bum. She is my best friend of Lee.

7. Shin Goo played the role of Chairman Jang Hoe-Jang

8. Jung Jae-sung played the role of Executive Director Yoon Sang-Tae.

9. Seo Hyun-woo Head of Section Seo

10. Chae Dong-Hyun played the role of Kim Dae-RI.

11. Kim Min-seok played the role of Yeo Hyung-kyu

12. Ryu Sun-young played the role of Jung Chae-Ryung

13. Dong-hoon and Ji-an’s co-worker.

14. Oh Na-ra played the role of Jung-hee. He is the Owner of Jung-hee Bar, and the friend of Dong-hoon).

15. Shin Dam-soo played the role of Director Jung Chang-mo

Where Can We Watch My Mister Season 2?

My Mister shows that it has the calibre to perform not only on the screens of Korea but all over the world. Netflix and tVN are the Hosts for this show. Since Netflix has many such shows, this is one more arrow in the arsenal. You can stay in touch with us for the latest info and watch similar genre shows and movies on the platform.

What Are the Ratings of My Mister Season 2?

My Mister did a great job on the Korean screens just after its release on the respective platforms.

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It is one of the most loved shows in the market where we get to know the different angles of sorrow and agony. The ratings of the My Mister on IMDb and My drama list are 9.1/10. It shows the depth of the show.


My Mister is one of the famous shows in Korea. It has won as Best drama at the 55th BaekSang Arts Awards. My Mister is not Crap but a totally family drama with many relatable scenes.

The bond between Park and lee complemented by the family members is worth watching. Nowadays Korean shows came into the limelight after the success of Squid games. And providing quality content for fans all over the world.

It is a show which you can binge-watch.

Let us know in the comments if you have any further queries. Keep up-to-date on all the most recent information by visiting our website, trendingnews, where you’ll find it all.