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My Little Pony a New Generation: Released on Netflix

My Little Pony a new generation, commonly known as My Little Pony: Pony Tale is a computer-animated feature film. It is based on the My Little Pony series with the debut of its Generation 5 characters. Originally set to be released in theaters on September 24, 2021, it was instead released on Netflix on that day.  Atomic Cartoons’ animated series,  executive produced by Cort Lane, is slated to air following it, and will consist of four 44-minute specials and twenty-three 22-minute episodes. Hasbro revealed the movie during an investor event at the North American International Toy Fair in February 2019. Further, it was added to their film release schedule for 2021.

my little pony a new generation

My Little Pony a new generation, was revealed in the January of 2021 that the film will take place in the same world as featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life. Though it jumped a step ahead in time to focus on a new generation of ponies and unexplored corners of Equestria. The main character of My Little Pony a new generation is an activist working to make the pony world a better place to live. The film also introduces new characters and led to the departure from designs featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life. This intends to shift the brand’s attention to a much modern theme such as inclusion and diversity.

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Boulder Media revealed the film’s title, My Little Pony a new generation in May 2021. The official trailer for the film was released on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter on August 12, 2021.

Part of the Film, My Little Pony a New Generation That Were Excluded

The following narrative components did not make it from the film’s storyboarding process to the finished product:

  • Maretime Bay being surrounded by a massive wall to keep unicorns and Pegasi out.
  • Equestria is losing its  energy as well as its magic.
  • Sunny Starscout performs an additional song. 
  • Alphabittle is described as “the Unicorns’ blind sage, dwelling in a cave on the outskirts of” Bridlewood.
  • Sunny’s metamorphosis was described as “a little more drawn out and dramatic, giving off some Sailor Moon vibes”
  • Sprout receiving “a slap on the wrist rather than being entirely allowed go despite the havoc he caused”

Cast and Crew of the Show: My Little Pony a New Generation

Vanessa Hudgens, Kimiko Glenn, James Marsden, Sofia Carson and Liza Koshy are the main characters of the film, My Little Pony a new generation. Freelance character design for the characters Pipp Petals, Zipp Storm, and Hitch Trailblazer was done by character artist Celia Kaspar. Freelance character design for the characters Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, a tennis ball, a smartphone etc was done by character artist Lea Dabssi. Artist Amandine Aramini worked as the senior concept artist and CG artist David Ronnes worked as a set/environment modeler. Artist Marylene Sun worked as a story artist, including an opening scene song that features the Mane Six, Argyle Starshine, and Sunny Starscout. The storyboard artist and comedy developer of the film, My Little Pony a new generation were storyboard artist Didier Ah Koon and Artist Katie Smith. Rachel Brennan worked as an associate production manager and post-production supervisor. Artist Saloni Jain Agarwal worked as a previsualization/layout artist. Artist Naomi Romero worked for Hasbro as a character designer, including the Royal Racing Ziplines playsets two-dimensional designs of Pipp Petals & Cloudpuff and more designs of other characters. 

Plot of the Show

Argyle Starshine tells his daughter Sunny Starscout about old Equestria. This was the time when earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns coexisted, in the earth pony village of Maretime Bay. Despite the fact that most earth ponies regard these concepts as fables and now distrust the other two pony races. Sunny believes that all three species may be friends. Years later, following Argyle’s death, Sunny continues to try to influence the attitudes of the other earth ponies. Purposefully disrupting Phyllis Cloverleaf’s demonstration of anti-pegasi and unicorn technology. Sunny’s childhood friend and Maretime Bay’s sheriff, Hitch Trailblazer, drags her off. They tries to send her back home when a unicorn appears out of nowhere. 

my little pony a new generation

While the majority of the earth ponies depart. Sunny befriends the new unicorn, Izzy Moonbow, and soon takes her to her house to hide. Sunny went with Izzy to the pegasi’s house in Zephyr Heights to seek their assistance. Further after learning that unicorns have long lost their magic and that the pegasi may be to blame. The two avoid Hitch and exit town, and Hitch leaves Sprout in charge while he chases them. Sprout converts the residents of Maretime Bay into a hostile mob. And seizes Phyllis’ factory to build a massive war machine. 

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Sunny and Izzy are apprehended in Zephyr Heights and led to Queen Haven. When Sunny begins to inquire about magic, Haven imprisons them in the dungeon. Zipp pays them a covert visit. With informing them that the pegasi have also lost their magic and are unable to fly. Then the royal family utilizes wires and assists them in fleeing. They transport them to an abandoned transit station. Sunny discovers a series of stained glass windows representing two crystals. One of which is placed in Haven’s crown, that could fit together and restore the magic. 

The three devise a scheme to take the crown. When Hitch arrives, a sequence of accidents occur, revealing the royals’ incapacity to fly. Haven is jailed, and the sisters are forced to depart the city with them. Hitch gradually overcomes his preconceptions and promises to assist Sunny in her efforts to bring the pony races back together. Izzy leads the gang to her home of Bridlewood. Here they are disguised as unicorns before being led to Alphabittle. The unicorn crystal is possessed by a tea shop owner. Sunny wins it from him in a dancing competition, but as she celebrates, she loses her disguise. While fleeing with the two crystals, the party comes upon Haven, who has also escaped. 

my little pony a new generation

Sunny and Izzy try to combine the two gems, but they have no impact. Finally on returning,  Sunny discovers a third gem destined to join the other two while packing away her childhood toy. It, built within a lamp Argyle had crafted for her. As she rushes to warn Hitch, they learn that Sprout has rallied the whole town to his cause and is preparing to launch an attack on the other pony races. Sunny, Izzy, and Pipp struggle to put the crystals together as Hitch and Zipp keep Sprout’s contraption at bay. 

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Phyllis commands Sprout to stop, but he lurches around her and smashes into Sunny’s house, shattering it as well as the frame in which the crystals must be placed. Phyllis, Haven, Alphabittle, and Sunny’s pals set aside their disagreements to console her in the midst of the devastation. As a result, the crystals begin to shine and lift Sunny into the air, converting her into an alicorn and restoring magic across the land. Sunny and her pals rejoice as ponies of all three races work together to clean up Sprout’s mess, ushering in a new era of peace.


The film, My Little Pony a new generation was originally scheduled for theatrical distribution by Paramount Pictures. The film was instead distributed on Netflix in most countries on September 24, 2021. The delay of the release was as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, Still it remains theatrically released in certain Asian nations. The film, My Little Pony a new generation earned largely excellent reviews from critics for its message. Despite some criticism for its pacing and narrative. It still tends to be the most-viewed film on Netflix in October 2021.

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