Do You Want to Know About the Cast, and the Latest Updates on My Hero Academia Season 6?


Sandeep Singh

Anyone here, a fan of Japanese Manga My Hero Academia?. Deku with his innocent dreams is back with a lot more surprise.

The directors of My Hero Academia are Kenzi Nagasaki, Masahiro Mukai under the production of Kazumasa Sanjoba, Hiroshi Kamei. The My Hero Academia has a collection of five seasons with tons of episodes.

What is the Plotline of My Hero Academia Season 6?

The famous Japanese Adventure science fantasy tells about a small chap named IZuku Midoriya. He lives in such a place where having a quirk( a unique superpower) is normal, but unfortunately, he has none.

My Hero Academia Season 6

His sole purpose is to get one as early as possible to which he is very confident and determined.

One day his friend Bokugo was in danger when some bad aliments surrounded him. Everyone hesitates to save him but Daiki was the one who came forward to provide some help.

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Watching his selflessness, ‘All might’ ( All Might is the strongest superhero whom Zuku admires the most). gave his all powers to him and He is the one who helped Daiki to get into the top Hero school, where they train the students to be superheroes. The journey of Zuku starts from here onwards. The anime follows a high school theme like conducting the quirk test, fake rescues, matches between classes, and exams.

The side characters also build gradually with the main character for which we can appreciate the thought process of the writer and the direction of the director.

In the sixth season, we can see him fighting with the members of the League of Villains and saving innocent people.

My Academia Series Cast and Some Voice Artist

1. Midoriya Izuku voiced by Daiki Yamashita. ( He is the main character of the show, who has not any quirks at the beginning but becomes the most famous superhero of japan).

2. All Might be voiced by Kenta Miyake. ( He is the strongest and wisest superhero of Japan, whom Izuku admires. He is the only one who trusts him and gives him his all superpowers.)

3. Bokugo Katsuki. ( he is a classmate of Izuku and a competitor in general.)

4. Shoto Todoroki was voiced by Yūki Kaji and Kei Shindō. ( He is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.)

5. Ochako Uraraka voiced by Ayane Sakura. (

She is one of Izuku Midoriya ‘s closest friends)

6. Shoto Aizawa.

7. Fumikage Tokoyami

8. Eijiro Kirishima

9. Tenya Lida

10. Dabi ( He is also known as Blue Flame and a member of League of Villains.)

My Hero Academia Season 6: When Will It Premiere?

My Hero Academia Season 6

I know you are here to know the dates only. Our team is highly pleased to confirm that season sixth of My Hero Academia is on board. Although, the production team has not confirmed the released dates.

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With the recent trends, we can predict that it will hit the screen in mid-2022. Till then you can enjoy watching My Hero Academia’s other seasons on an undermentioned platform.

Where Can We Watch My Hero Academia Season 6?

The Adventure science fantasy is waiting for someone who can enjoy it even after being comical. My Hero Academia is one of the shows which can tell us how a normal schoolboy can do miracles with its simplicity.

You can watch the show exclusively on Netflix.

You can also catch similar genre series on these over-the-top platforms.

How Do Fans Rate My Hero Academia Season 6?

The Japanese Manga based show My Hero Academia is widely known all around the world. That is why I am writing on this.

My Hero Academia has impressed a wide audience and received their love.

The ratings of My Hero Academia on IMDb are 8.4. Its rotten tomatoes are 100.

These ratings are enough for us to calculate the gravity and humour of this show.


In this show, we can adopt a lot of things like not having the superpower is a superpower itself.

the most powerful weapon of the fighter is his confidence and courage. Izaku had both of them in ample proportions.

If we talk about the villains, then definitely we can conclude that it is not a cliche fight, but a well-written and directed move.

The main character Izaku is the centre of attraction not only because of his powers but also, because of his sweet and salty behaviour.

If you are a fan of Anime or Japanese Manga, then My Hero Academia is for you.

You won’t regret watching this show for sure.