Reasons Why You Should Read My Hero Academia Manga Online


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My Hero Academia started its manga run on July 7, 2014. Fast forward to September 2020, it’s still going strong. In fact, at the time of writing this post, it’s 28+ volumes have already aired manga consisting of 283 chapters.

Right after its worldwide popularity, My Hero Academia manga online was adapted as an anime television series. Since the worldwide release of my hero academia anime, it has aired 4 seasons comprising of 88 episodes & by the way, my hero academia 5th is already on its way.

Looking at the ever-growing popularity of my hero academia manga online & anime, Netflix acquired the rights to stream, my hero academia anime on their subscription-based video streaming platform. Now, coming to this post, here you’ll get to know what the future hold for my hero academia manga online series & the overall franchise. So, let’s jump straight into it –

My hero academia manga Online Synopsis

“The world is not fair”, that’s what Izuka suddenly realized. My hero academia is a manga that revolves around 4-years-old kid Izuka. He lives in a world where 80% of the World Population has a Quirk.

In case you don’t know, Quirk also known as Meta ability is a special superhuman activity that any person can have. However, not every human can have the same quirk. Here, the only exception is if 2 humans are closely related by blood. Further, these quirks are divided into 2 categories – Heroes and Villains. Heroes exercise their heroism against Villains who use Quirks to fulfill their evil agendas.

In this world, if you’re not registered as a Pro Hero, you’re prohibited from using your superpower in public.

Coming back to Izuka, he’s living a world surrounded by heroes. It’s natural for him to set his eyes on becoming a hero. Even though he’s constantly bullied by his violent childhood friend – Katsuki Bakugo, they both share a common ground for one of the world’s greatest heroes – All Might.

Soon both Izuka & Katsuki met their idol. However, it was only Izuka who found out All might’s critical injury.

An injury that he’s hiding from the world. After realizing he can’t continue for much longer, he reveals his superpower “One for All” & passes it over to Izuka.

What do you think Izuka – Will Izuka live up to All Might’s expectations? Will he be a hero, he always thought to be? My Hero Academia is his journey to becoming a hero. Read this Manga to follow his journey from the beginning.

When My hero academia Anime Season 5 will release?

My hero academia season 4 ended in the April month of this year & since then speculation regarding the My hero academia started running wild. So, when’s My hero academia season will air? Is there any release date?

Well, earlier the My hero academia season 5 was all set to release in early 2021. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, production was put on hold. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t have any launch date yet. Don’t stay too much. Stay tuned with our blog. As soon as there’s any news of My hero academia season 5, we’ll update you within no time.

In the meanwhile, there’s one thing you can do – Read My hero academia manga online. You see be My hero academia anime, games or a movie, everything’s a based on the My hero academia manga. The storyline is almost similar in each of them. You can read them out to find out what happens next in the anime.

Best Manga Site to Read My Hero Academia Manga

I recommended you to read My hero academia manga. However, the question is How would you read it for free? If you’ve no idea, here’s a site I would recommend – Manga Life.

With the dark user interface, mangalife offers 4 menus at the top – Home, Directory, Search & Discussion. Right below this, there’s an Admin Recommendation section. Here you get a daily manga recommendation straight from the admin.

Home is categorized properly in 2 sections & 4 right-side widget. Thee 2 sections are – Hot Update & Latest Chapters. Further on the right side, the 4 widgets are – Subscription feed, History, Background Color, & Recently Added.

Before actually reading the manga, if you want to know about MangaLife in detail, here’s the complete post where I’ve given 5 reasons why you should go for MangaLife.

Final Words

That’s all about My hero academia. So, what have you decided? Will you wait for the My hero academia season 5 anime or read all the latest, My hero academia manga chapters? Do let me know your choice in the comments section given below.

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