My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Updates: What It Will Be About ?



It is one of the emotionally represented breathtaking series. The scenarios of ‘ My Happy Marriage’ is wholehearted .Don’t miss the series if you’re romance anime lover in the view of fact that it describes intense love.

The Posture of the Happy Marriage: What It Will Be About ?

It is the story of a young girl named Miya Saimori who is suffering from the dilemma of arrange and loveless marriage which is the reason of isolation, hopelessness and conflicts. In addition, it is a Japanese series based on the light novel ‘Hepburn: Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon,’ written by Akumi Agitogi.

Primary ,It was shared on popular user-generated novel platform then, this enchanting novel was risen in popularity and later transformed into Manga which was published in Square Enix’s Gangan Online in December 2018.

It’s happened in 1915-1920 era. It is relatable in the view of fact that it’s about a girl who is leaning to break free from abuse and love herself. It’s truly a work of art. The anime takes the commitment to deliver an unexpected experience to the viewers as it is designed by talented team at kinema citrus

My Happy Marriage Release Date: When is It Going to Release?

‘My happy marriage’ anime is going to premiere on the Netflix screen this summer ( 5th July 2023).
Initially, My happy Marriage anime is going to release on October 1st, 2023 but, it was rescheduled as now it was released with weekly episodes . in addition, first episode is set to be premiered on July 5th, 2023.
Fans of the original light novel and manga can’t wait to see what the show offer on their plate.
The anime has already released it’s voice cast of the main characters. It also had the huge hand in boasting many movies because they have same voices of their iconic character of The Happy Marriage.

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My Happy Marriage Cast: Who Will Be in It?

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

There are so many skillful as well as genius team of this anime which make up the cast . if you wanted to get their names then scroll below

 Japanese cast:

Kaito Ishikawa is shown as kiyoka kudo,Reina Uedo as Miyo Saimorai, Ayane Sakura as Kaya Saimori, Hiro Shimono as Yoshito Godo, Houko Kuwashima as Yurie, Kotaro Nishiyama as Koji Tasuishi, Ryohei Kimura as Arata Tsuruki.

Japanese staff:

The anime series ‘ My Happy marriage is directed by Takehiro Kubota.moving forward, Series composition is  designed by Ami Sato, Momoka Toyoda and Takahito Onishi.All the characters of series are designed by Tsukiho Tsukioka as well as Shoko Yasuda. Emi Katanosaka is a art director and Yuushi Koshida of Studio Pomelo is a 3D director.

Kisuke koizumi is responsible for the sound directory. Photography is handled by Tsunetaka Ema.Art setting is done by Masaki Yoshizaki,Yoshihiro Sono,Yoshinori Hishinuma. Masayuki Kurosawa hold the work of editing. The original creator of the series is Akumi Agitogi.the kimono which is wore by characters in the series designed by Halka. The advise of art is given by Osamu Masuyama.

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Reina Ueda  as Miyo Saimori and Kaito Ishikawa as Kiyoki Kudo are both stars of the anime.

Main characters of anime are Seino Nana as Takanashi Chiwa and Dean Fujioka as Mamiya Hokuto.

My Happy Marriage official trailer

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

In the trailer of this series , the one can easily find out how romantic the series is

Who hadn’t watch the official trailer of My happy marriage then here it is.

Where do you watch The Happy Marriage Anime ?

The Happy Marriage is set to debut on Netflix in July 2023 as it is scheduled to reveal the series on weekly basis due to the interest of people regarding the series.

Fans of the novel on which the anime based are so curious to watch the series

The news of advent of The Happy Marriage anime which is based on a novel has bought a wave of sensational thrilling with it’s genius iconic characters and it’s heartwarming premise.

You have to purchase the subscription of Netflix, only then you can watch My Happy Marriage series on it. Besides this Netflix has a lot of interesting series, amines, movies. If you want any recommendations, you will surely get it through our site

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Final Verdict

After reading the novel, The fans of My Happy Marriage become more curious and excited  about the series which will be premiered on July 5th, 2023. It is predicted that the series will rise with popularity after releasing of it as the novel gained so much success already in the past.

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