6 Must-Read Werewolf Romance Novels To Sink Your Claw Into


Sandeep Singh

Get to Know Werewolf Romance Novels Together

Did you know? If writers encounters creativity block, readers are prone to have it, too!

Reader’s block usually manifests when the reader’s unable to come up or find the right book to devour. Having been so engrossed in a certain novel is a stressor for the readers, too. Especially when it tickles all the readers’ weaknesses and sore spot, making it impossible for them to properly move on. To rekindle that spark, what could be the better way other than to read again? And of course, why not indulge yourself in werewolf fiction that could give you a wide variety of steamy and awesome werewolf romance novels?

This time, though, it’s advisable for you to start something new, something that would empower your spirit and something that would give you a whole different experience. Werewolf fiction is the right medicine and the right alternative for you to explore. Being the most loved area in romance, werewolf romance novels possess all the aspects, themes, and plots anyone sought for in fiction.

From the sensational, and domineering alphas to the dreamy fate brought by the mating bond, werewolf romance is one step ahead towards perfection. It combines the nail-biting potrayal of werewolves, the structure of wild werewolf romance among them and superficial world where everything is possible. Because of its enigmatic pull, readers are able to feel like main characters, allowing them to escape the bitter reality of our world and letting them experience once in a while how it’s like for a ‘happily every after’ to come true.

As a result, werewolf romance novels have become the comfort buddy of many hopeless romantics out there, and have been serving as the source of entertainment and happines for as long as it has been created. That’s why it’s one of the recommended type of fiction by the experienced writers, because like fantasy, it’s adventurous and full of diversity.

Your reading experience would be incomplete if you skip werewolf fiction or any werewolf romance novels. You’re likely to get stuck in a reading slump if you won’t give it a chance.

So, why wait? Search for werewolf romance novels now!

6 Werewolf Romance Novels You Will Not Put Down

If you’re struggling to find the right ones that could properly introduce you the world of werewolf fiction, here are six werewolf romance novels that would, no doubt, suit your taste and bring you the satisfaction you deserve. You won’t able to put down any of them as they bore all the characteristics of a good and unique story.

Get ready to be amazed, hooked, and fall in love with these great romance. You won’t be disappointed, and they are all worthy of your time!

The Lycan King’s Mate

Tags: Alpha, Mate, Dominant, King, Drama

Score: 4.5/5

Blurb: To be betrayed by your utmost love is the worst way to feel pain. Especially when your sister is the reason why the relationship you cherished broke up. That bitter truth is exactly what Ava has to live with everyday ever since her eighteenth birthday, the night where her sister and her four years boyfriend mated with each other. It was a sight that she could never forget, the tragic revelation that would haunt her forever, and the reason she lost faith in love. It all changed when lycan royals visited their pack, and the handsome lycan king Cameron turned out to be the mate that she once hoped for.

She feared for another rejection and heartbreak, considering the status and power Cameron carries, and the fact that she still harbors feeling for her ex. Soon, her doubts started to fade when she got to know the real persona behind that title, and her confidence to be someone’s mate went up high. Will it finally work now? Or her love for Cameron would serve as a lesson meant to teach her again?

My Surprise Mate

Tags: Pregnant, Mate, Independent, Single Mother

Score: 4.0/5

Blurb: Holly Ellison gets pregnant after a one-night mistake. The responsibility alone has been enough to put her in a dire situation. How could she raise an unpexcted child? Worse, it’s a half-werewolf and the supposed father refused to take part in it. There’s no way she can take care of it on her own, and in her hometown. She’d die of embarassment, and would be in great debt before the child could even learn the first letter of the alphabet.

Holly didn’t give up, though. She didn’t choose the easy way to deal with it, and accept her fate without remorse. To start anew, she moved into a small town in Texas. But the peaceful and vibrant life she hoped to have there didn’t appear as easy as she thought, as her past comes knocking down on her door to haunt her.

The Silent Alpha

Tags: Alpha, Escape While Being Pregnant, Kickass Heroine, Luna

Score: 4.0/5

Blurb: Natalia is the human Luna of the Silver Crest Pack, beloved and respected by all means. All the things she wanted could be found inside the comfort of her pack. But the seemingly peaceful life turned out to be a ruse when she caught her Alpha sleeping with her sister, on the very same day she ought to break the news about her pregnancy. Natalia thought she wouldn’t survive the betrayal, and pain they caused. That is, until she met Zane, a former rogue but now stands as the brutal Alpha of the Scarlet Haven Pack who was born with a debilitating stutter because of the abuse and neglect he experienced as a child.

Two broken souls, two different worlds. A former Luna, and a silent Alpha comes crossing paths. Can love mend their unhealed trauma, even if their pasts starts to haunt them again?

The Defiant Mate

Tags: Dominant, Former She-wolf, Banished

Score: 4.4/5

Blurb: Jayla is a former she-wolf who had been banished unjustly by the then furture Alpha after the altercation she had with his Luna—the named she wanted to have but fate had been too cruel—and now, living peacefully in the human world as a successful lawyer. For six years she had been away, she never looked back at her past life, never even considered reuniting with them. After the hell she’d been through, she couldn’t digest the thought of seeing them. She’s contented at how everything is currently going with her, and her pup.

Her worst fear came true when she received a formal letter from the Alpha, formally asking her to come back. Knowing full well of her worth and what she might experience if she indeed go back, she burned the letter, and swore it will be the last time she’d ever hear from them.

Alpha Nathan seemed to be incapable of accepting a refusal. With all he might, he convinced Jayla to return home. But as persistent as he was, Jayla didn’t fall for it. She couldn’t afford risking everything she built from scratch. There’s no way she’d let them have their way even if fate begs her to do so.

Alpha Killian

Tags: Badboy, Love, Beast, Alpha

Score: 4.0/5

Blurb: Known as ferocious and extremely dangerous, Alpha Killian Desmond is a name often whispered with fear and utmost respect. His reputation alone could make someone tremble and regret having ever knowing it. All the unfortunate who dared to challenge him always end up in a gutter. Alpha Killian and his pack is like a walking nightmare ought to bring catastrophe to everything that would stand in their way.

What will happen when Claire—the simplest daughter of a Beta—is thrown into his arms? Will her existence prove Killian isn’t as evil as they know? Or will she suffer the same consequences as the others?

Fated to the Alpha

Tags: Werewolf, Steamy, Possessive, Soulmate

Score: 4.0/5

Blurb: Being the daughter of a famous warrior and a beta, Katya had been expected to excel on everything she ought to do. When she doesn’t meet any of those expectatin, she and her family was forced to leave. They didn’t have any choice but to seek refuge in the only pack that could take them. There, she met the notorious Alpha Ezra who debunked the rumors she caught wind of in the past. Fear instantly spread in her. Especially when she found out that Alpha Ezra is her mate. Will they finally be able to begin a new life? Or Katya’s secret would get in the way again? What would happen if the man who saved them turned out to be not the way she thought?