Museum Selfie Day 2023: What Is The History Behind This Day?


Riya Arya

In this article, you are going to find out everything about Museum Selfie Day 2023. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

When is Museum Selfie Day celebrated ? What happens on Museum Selfie Day? How to celebrate this day? Who began National Museum Selfie Day?

Let’s find out. In order to know the answers of the questions mentioned above, go through this article. Let’s get started.

Museum Selfie Day

Museum Selfie Day is held on January 18. The day is the perfect day for people to get creative. The day is indeed interesting. Have you ever wonder who found this special day?

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It began by London blogger Mar Dixon. The Museum Selfie Day trend has become viral worldwide. Museums are the place to learn about its history and art. You can have fun there too. However, Museums don’t allow photographs, it can be difficult to enjoy remembering the times. In today’s world of smartphone cameras, museums are relaxing rules on photography so that it can create more interaction with the public.

History of Museum Selfie Day

The day was created in the year 2015 by Mar Dixon, a project coordinator, and enthusiast of museums. She visited a museum with her daughter. She thought of showcase the people in the museums.

Museums participate in the campaign on social media platforms. Dixon has also created projects, including Teens in Museums, MuseumCamp.

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It allows people to be creative with their selfie-taking skills. Mostly museums don’t allow photos to be taken at all, this day allows people to enjoy their time in the museum. So, don’t forget to visit museum and take good selfies today.

Museum Selfie Day Activities

Visit a Mesum & Take Selfies: In this world of aesthetic museum and pictures, visit a museum and take selfies.

Be Creative: While taking selfies, don’t forget to be creative. In the museum, you’ll find various creative things.

Importance of Museum Selfie Day

Cameras are getting better day by day. Smartphone cameras are on demand as the technology improves. Now it is possible to take selfies even in dark circumstances, you can record a video. You can also make slow-motion selfies. There are many kinds of filtered selfies available.

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Visiting a museum with social media creates an opportunity to connect.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What is museum selfie Day?

Museum Selfie Day on January 18 is the perfect opportunity for people to get creative. It is celebrated on January 18.

What is the purpose of a Selfie Museum?

A selfie museum is an art gallery to provide a setting for visitors to pose in photographs to be posted on social media sites including, Instagram.

What should I wear to the Selfie Museum?

A good aesthetic dress for the museum visit. We’d recommend you wear a dark brown,
white or black outfit.

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