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Is It Worth Watching the Murder at White House Farm?

You must haven't heard of the murders that took place at the White House Farm of the same family members. The case was infamous, and a family member was found guilty. The incident was on 6th August 1985.

Highlighting the same incident, a series was made that got released last year. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Paul Whittington is the director, and Kris Mrksa and Giula Sandler are the writers of the true-crime drama that took place in August 1985.

Lee Thomas is the producer, and Willow Grylls, Kris Mrksa, Charlie Pattinson, and Elaine Pyke are the executive producers of the British TV series.

What Is the Plotline of the Series the Murders at White House Farm?

Murder at White House Farm

The TV series is based on the true events that took place on 6th August 1985. The murder of five members of the Bamber-Caffell family took place at the White House Farm, situated in Essex. They were shot dead by someone. The police, along with their leaders, DCI Taff Jones, and DS Stan Jones, was called upon to investigate the case.

During the investigation, when questions were asked to the son of Bamber, Jeremy, he answered that his sister, Sheila, was a patient of Schizophrenia. She went insane and got a silenced rifle in her hands. She was the one who shot their parents and her six years old twin sons. As the truth uncovers, a major twist comes into the light.

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We find Sheila, June, Nevill, Daniel, and Nicholas dead at the White House Farm. Detective Stanley Jones and Mick Clark arrive at the location to investigate the case. They speak to Jeremy Bamber and the relatives of the murdered family to conclude the case.

However, their investigation remains inconclusive as the picture of that night remained unclear. After investigating all the vital signs at the location, Stan and Mick felt suspicious about Jeremy. In the same episode, the relationship between Jeremy and his girlfriend Julie becomes tense after the arrival of a friend, Brett, from New Zealand.

Soon, the time of the funeral came ahead, but the investigation didn't proceed. All the efforts of Stan remained fruitless as there was a lack of evidence. Everything appeared lost until the arrival of a vital witness that turned the case. Even after the confirmation from the witness about the suspicions, Taff remained unconvinced as something was missing. However, the police were forced to ask questions and proceed with the case against Jeremy.

After the beginning of the trials on Jeremy, the pieces of evidence were examined. Jeremy's girlfriend, Julie Mugford, testified against him, and Jeremy was found guilty of the murders. The jury declared Jeremy as the murderer of the Bamber-Caffell family at White House Farm.

When Was the Series the Murders at White House Farm Come Out on the Original Platform?

The first episode of the series got premiered on 8th January 2020 on ITV. With a total of six episodes, the series came to an end on 12th February 2020.

The Murders at White House Farm was first reported in August 2018, when the filming of the show began. The details were highlighted in October 2019, whereas the release of the show was set in the early 2020s. It was released in the form of a DVD in February 2020.

What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Series the Murders at White House Farm?

  • DCI Taff Jones's role played by Stephen Graham
  • Jeremy Bamber's role played by Freddie Fox
  • Sheila Caffell's role played by Cressida Bonas
  • DS Stan Jones's role played by Mark Addy
  • Ann Eaton's role played by Gemma Whelan
  • Colin Caffell's role played by Mark Stanley
  • Julie Mugford's role played by Alexa Davies
  • Brett Collins's role played by Alfie Allen
  • Sally Jones's role played by Millie Brady
  • June Bamber's role played by Amanda Burton
  • Nevill Bamber's role played by Nicholas Farrell
  • DC Mick Clark's role played by Scott Reid
  • Heather Amos's role played by Grace Calder
  • Peter Eaton's role played by Oliver Dimsdale
  • David Boutflour's role played by Richard Goulding

What Are the Ratings of the Series the Murder at White House Farm?

Murder at White House Farm

The Murders at White House Farm has received a satisfactory average response from the audience and critics. The character of Welsh detective Taff Jones received some criticism from the audience. According to them, his Welsh accent was inappropriate and inauthentic.

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The series has received a score of 82% on average Tomatometer. The average audience score has not been marked yet on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Murders at White House Farm has received a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Series the Murders at White House Farm?

You will find many websites over the Internet that will allow you to watch the series. It is available on HBO Max, Prime Video, and Netflix, but only in some regions. However, VPN can help in such a situation.

You can watch it on ITV also.


The series highlights the untold crime and displays the guilt of their family member. The detailed story, along with the reason for the murder, can be found on various websites and a Wikipedia page as well. You can also watch the series to know more about it.

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