Munawar Shares 1st Pic With New Wife, Celebrates One Month Anniversary in Dubai: Have They Made Public Appearance?


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Munawar Faruqui, who won Bigg Boss 17, recently made his fans happy by sharing a lovely photo. The picture showed him and his new wife, Mehzabeen Coatwala, celebrating their one-month wedding anniversary. They chose to celebrate in Dubai. To mark this special occasion, the couple had an intimate and elegant dinner.

Munawar Faruqui, who is a well-known figure, recently made a delightful announcement by sharing a beautiful picture. This picture celebrated the one-month wedding anniversary of Munawar and his new wife, Mehzabeen Coatwala. They chose the stunning city of Dubai as the perfect location for their special celebration. Mehzabeen posted a picture of their anniversary cake on Instagram, where she included a sweet message that read, “Happy 1 Month Anniversary M & M,” along with hashtags that celebrated their important milestone.

The couple had a secret wedding on May 26, 2024. They managed to keep their relationship mostly private and away from the public eye until their wedding day. Their intimate celebration was followed by a lovely reception at ITC Maratha in Mumbai, which was attended by their close family members and friends. This private and special event marked the beginning of their journey together as a married couple.

Munawar Shares 1st Pic With New Wife, Celebrates One Month Anniversary in Dubai

Did Munawar Faruqui Had Secret Wedding?

The couple’s journey to this joyous occasion started with a secret wedding ceremony that took place on May 26, 2024. Munawar Faruqui, who is a well-known public figure, and Mehzabeen Coatwala, who works as a professional makeup artist, succeeded in keeping their relationship hidden from the public eye.

They managed to maintain this privacy right up until the day of their wedding, which came as a delightful surprise to their fans and followers. This unexpected revelation added an extra layer of excitement to their special day, making it even more memorable. Also read Candace Cameron Bure Celebrates 28 Years of Marriage with Husband ValeriWho is Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Spouse , and Why Did Meadow Walker Decide to Divorce Louis Thornton Allan.

Where Did They Post?

Mehzabeen Coatwala gave her Instagram followers a peek into their special anniversary celebration by sharing a story on her Instagram account. In this story, she featured a beautifully decorated cake that had the message “Happy 1 Month Anniversary M & M” written on it.


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The post was not just a simple picture; it included the hashtags “1 month” and “Alhamdulillah” to mark the significance of the occasion. Adding to the romantic atmosphere, she chose the song “The Perfect X Lover” by Akdas Hayat as the background music for the post, making the moment even more special and touching. Also read Has Erica Campbell Gone Through a Divorce? and Who is Asif Aziz Dating?

Munawar Faruqui, her husband, also joined in the celebration by resharing Mehzabeen’s post on his own Instagram account. He expressed his happiness and joy by adding the phrase “Allahumma Barik” along with a red heart emoji. This gesture further highlighted the love and happiness they share, showing their followers just how much they cherish each other and the special moments in their life together.

Munawar Shares 1st Pic With New Wife, Celebrates One Month Anniversary in Dubai

Did They Celebrate in Dubai For One-month Anniversary?

The couple marked their one-month wedding anniversary with a lavish and elegant dinner in the luxurious city of Dubai. Mehzabeen, wanting to share the joyous occasion with their followers, posted a picture from their special dinner on her Instagram account. This picture captured the beautiful and romantic setting where they dined, complete with exquisite and delicious food and dessert that were part of their celebration.

The image she shared depicted a joyful and intimate moment between Munawar and herself, reflecting the immense happiness they are experiencing in this new chapter of their life together. The setting, the food, and the expressions on their faces all combined to show just how special this milestone was for them, allowing their followers to get a glimpse into their love and the celebration of their first month as a married couple.

Are They Keeping It Private

Despite their public personas, Munawar Faruqui and Mehzabeen Coatwala have made a conscious decision to keep much of their personal life away from the public eye. This choice for privacy is reflected in how they organized their wedding, which was a close-knit affair attended only by family members and their closest friends. The wedding itself was a private event, emphasizing their preference to share such intimate moments with only those who are very close to them.

Furthermore, the couple’s desire for privacy is evident in their social media activity. They have not shared many pictures together on their social media accounts, choosing instead to keep their relationship largely out of the public spotlight. This selective sharing allows them to enjoy their personal life away from the constant attention that comes with their public roles, highlighting their commitment to maintaining a private space for their relationship amidst their otherwise public lives.

Fans Are Happy

As they celebrate this first milestone, Munawar and Mehzabeen seem to be cherishing their time together. Fans are eagerly looking forward to more glimpses into their life and wishing them happiness and love in their journey ahead.

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