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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Much More Updates!

You’ll be happy to know that Mrs. Harris does visit Paris in the upcoming movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, which hits theaters. In that regard, the film version of the Paul Gallico book by Anthony Fabian completely lives up to its potential. The film’s honesty in its title is not its sole strength, however. Fabian has created a cute little film that is full of the nostalgic whimsy that we frequently long for in classic British movies—a pip-pip moxie that is, despite its cheery good humor, not blind to the darker aspects of life.

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In the movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, a fish out of water helps every new species she encounters as she makes her way out of the pond. Natasha (Alba Baptista), a stunning model with sad eyes, must, with Ada’s assistance, make her way into the embrace of the dashing André (Lucas Bravo, from Emily in Paris—Bravo is only permitted to appear in things with “Paris” in the title). The snobbish atelier manager Claudine (Isabelle Huppert) is one example. Claudine is gradually made more approachable by Ada’s steadfast sunshine. And then there is the legendary fashion house itself, stuck in the formality of the 1950s as the 1960s draw nearer.

If, as it moves along these narrative rails, the movie seems dreadfully familiar, Manville animates and polishes that sameness. She moves intentionally, apart from the cunning fashionista she played in Phantom Thread and the deadly matriarch of the underappreciated home horror Let Him Go from 2020. This Mike Leigh muse is now given the opportunity to showcase her variety on the screen to a larger audience.

What Is the Release Date of the Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

Focus Features has shifted Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris’s release date to Friday, July 15, 2022. (off of Friday, May 6, 2022).

Is There a Trailer for the Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London sets off on a journey to Paris after becoming fixated with a couture Dior outfit. Before diving into the movie, check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

Who Is in the Cast of the Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

  • Lesley Manville as Ada Harris
  • Isabelle Huppert as Claudine Colbert
  • Jason Isaacs as Archie
  • Lambert Wilson as Marquis de Chassagne
  • Alba Baptista as Natasha
  • Lucas Bravo as André Fauvel
  • Ellen Thomas as Vi Butterfield
  • Rose Williams as Pamela Penrose
  • Roxane Duran as Marguerite
  • Christian McKay as Giles Newcombe
  • Guilaine Londez as Madame Avallon

What Is the Plot of the Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

Anthony Fabian (“Louder Than Words” film )’s “Mrs. Harris,” which is about a cleaning lady named Ada Harris (Lesley Manville) in 1950s London, relates her story. She has been working hard jobs for wealthy people who don’t value her as she waits for her husband to return after he went missing during the war for the past fifteen years. Ada Harris believes it’s time to quit waiting and pursue her own goals when word of her husband’s destiny finally reaches her.

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Mrs. Harris has a desire that appears simpler than it really is: she wants to buy a Christian Dior outfit, a colossally expensive item for which she has no use. She won’t be attending a royal wedding or the Academy Awards. She simply thinks Christian Dior’s outfits are beautiful and wants one. If she works hard and saves money, she might be able to get one.

mrs harris goes to paris

Fabian does a beautiful job of creating a world where the people are wonderful but the conditions are impossibly difficult. The first part of “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” is unusually drawn out yet crucial because Fabian (who co-wrote the screenplay with three other authors) knows that the more difficult it is for Mrs. Harris to travel to Paris, the more pleasant it will be when she does. And the more Mrs. Harris puts forth effort, the more amazing it feels to see positive karma return to her and grant her wishes.

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The directors are also aware that if the audience does not share Mrs. Harris’s obsession with Christian Dior clothing, the emotional impact of the film would be diminished. The perfect and delicate costumes were created by costume designer Jenny Beavan (“Cruella“), and the perfect shafts of light were discovered by cinematographer Felix Wiedemann to make them sparkle. The costumes in “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” are more than just set pieces; they have a slight sense of life and flutter in people’s arms with the eagerness of kittens begging to be adopted.

What Is the Final Verdict on the Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

96 percent of the 24 reviews from reviewers on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes are favorable, with an overall rating of 7.7/10. The weighted average review site Metacritic gave the movie a score of 68/100 based on reviews from 16 reviewers, indicating “generally positive reviews.”

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