Movies Like Inception: Films That Are Beyond Your Imagination!


Saloni Singh

More than 10 years after the fact and Inception is as yet one of the coolest motion pictures of all time. With stunning cerebral ideas and visuals, alongside very much conveyed clarifications to depict said ideas and visuals, Inception takes viewers on a definite visit through the universe of our own psyche – an oblivious world that influences our cognizant reality.

Who’s ready for an existential emergency? The cerebral flicks on this rundown will have you doubting reality in the blink of an eye!

movies like inception

Shutter Island

Shutter Island summons the kind of instinctive reaction that its title recommends and is significantly hazier than Inception. The film depends on the 2003 novel by Dennis Lehane and associates various repeating players tracked down on this rundown, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Ben Kingsley, and Martin Scorsese.

Following a path of hints and codes left by puzzling characters, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Dicaprio) is examining the vanishing of a patient from Ashecliffe Hospital; an office for the criminally crazy, situated on the stormy and segregated Shutter Island, beyond Boston.

Daniels has an individual connection to this case, as one especially strange patient on the island might hold the way to opening reality behind the unfortunate demise of Daniels’ significant other – a reality that unavoidably raises doubt about everything Daniels accepts about his identity as an official, WW2 fighter, and spouse, provoking another kind of examination concerning exactly the thing precisely he’s doing on Shutter Island in any case.

The Departed

Proceeding with our assessment of the Scorsese-Dicaprio-Nicholson association, we have The Departed – – another Boston-based cop thrill ride, and maybe the least unmistakably Inception-ish film on this rundown.

The Departed is like Inception in that it’s a strained wrongdoing spine chiller and includes loads of betraying and spying, weapon shooting, and suit-wearing.

Be that as it may, it’s certainly one of the more crude and brutal movies on this rundown. In this way, for crowds with fragile sensibilities, set yourself up for a plenty of f-bombs, detonating headshots, and, surprisingly, more f-bombs.


Tenet is a film that feels like Inception. As a matter of fact, I believe a film really simply needs to be Inception. I will say, however, that it has that in general “smooth” vibe – the cool Nolan-esque mark characterized by cerebral ideas, staggering symbolism, amazing melodic scores, and, can we just be real, fellows in suits.

Tenet is absolutely a “fellows in suits” film (as are a significant number of the motion pictures on this rundown). It’s likewise a multifaceted labyrinth of a film, and past that, it’s a riddle – a palindrome in additional ways than one. Like the spelling of its title, Tenet is a palindrome: it has a similar organization pushing ahead as it does in reverse, a fitting touch to the time-reversal reason of the film. Essentially, the course of events and design of the actual film become rearranged, with the last part of the film really being the principal half, in switch.

movies like inception

Tenet isn’t the main film where Nolan takes the construction of the thing and flips it on its head; a significant part of the mechanics and genuine symbolism in Tenet is suggestive of Nolan’s 2000 breakout film, Memento.

The film opens with a brilliant blonde Guy Pearce seeming to shoot a weapon in switch – – or, really, the scene comprises of him discharging the firearm while the activity’s played backward. In the initial shot, a polaroid likewise creates backward.

With Memento we get exemplary Nolan “buddy in a suit,” as Pearce’s Leonard looks for retribution and answers following the horrible passing of his better half.


At the point when a gadget used by specialists to enter the fantasies of their patients is taken, the cognizant and oblivious realities of those included before long become obscured – individuals controlled.

It ultimately depends on one young and valiant specialist, Chiba, to enter the unreal reality of the fantasy land and make things right. Could she, alongside the assistance of her little group of companions, prevail with regards to saving humankind?


Self/less stars Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds, and is a smooth, provocative, and disregarded 2015 diamond of a film. Kingsley plays maturing and quickly declining Damian, a real bequest trailblazer of New York City and head of the corporate tip top.

Feeling that he actually has useful work to be finished, Damian goes through an extremely forefront, exceptionally cryptic strategy, which moves his cognizance and recollections to the unanimated body of a younger contributor (Reynolds).

movies like inception

The Prestige

At the point when you consider cerebral motion pictures like Inception, a period piece set in the last part of the 1800s may not quickly run over your radar. In any case, with Christopher and Jonathan Nolan in the background, and Christian Bale and Michael Cain on screen together before their Batman days, you can wager that The Prestige has a place on this rundown!

We can’t leave out Hugh Jackman driving the cast, alongside David Bowie as Tesla. Indeed, that is David Bowie, the rockstar, as Nikola Tesla, the energy virtuoso.

The Machinist

We have another Christian Bale highlight on our rundown, with Bale assuming the part of Trevor Reznik in the dirty 2004 film, The Machinist. Parcel is known for his outrageous body changes in anticipation of a job, with this being quite possibly of the most striking model.

Parcel’s Reznik is a withered, hopeless light sleeper, who makes money as a machinist at a factory. As per Reznik, he hasn’t dozed in a year. What’s more, as the crowd observers, things are beginning to get bizarre. Like Pearce’s Leonard from Memento, Trevor Reznik attempts to keep a grasp on his reality with an over the top arrangement of notes he leaves for himself.

Yet, as the disconnection, neurosis, and general absence of rest all start to wear on Reznik, he might have at last found the arrangement which will break this pattern of sleep deprivation – and maybe his total mind – unequivocally. The Machinist has the crude and instinctive feel of Memento and The Departed, alongside the generally cerebral nature of this rundown.

movies like inception


Like Inception and Interstellar, Arrival is one of those considering sorts motion pictures – the sort that you could try and get more out of with a subsequent watching. So in the event that you’re ready to transform two cool films into four viewings, look at Arrival after Inception.

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