Move to Heaven Season 2: Is This Series Renewed or Cancelled?


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Move To Heaven is a South Korean television series. It will be shown in its entirety on Netflix on May 14, 2021. It is the first Netflix original series to follow the lives of a person with Asperger’s syndrome and his caretaker. While it is unusual for South Korean dramas to be renewed for a second season. Fans have begun to speculate about the likelihood of Move To Heaven broadcasting a second season. We’ll tell you whether Netflix’s Move To Heaven Season 2 will be released in this post.

South Korea’s famed Hallyu Wave has swept the world’s entertainment sector in recent decades, converting it into a worldwide phenomenon. The country has often proved its artistic talent by producing superb songs, plays, and films. It is undeniable that bands like BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, Stray Kids, and NCT are at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave. With their current record-breaking songs that they continuously release.

move to heaven season 2

However, it is also true that the country’s cinema and drama industries are not trailing behind in their development. Parasite, a South Korean film, just won the Academy Award for Best Director as well as Best Film. Anything unprecedented in the twenty-first century, let alone in the history of the planet

A similar pattern can be seen in how South Korean dramas, sometimes known as K-dramas, are presently dominating the streaming site Netflix. Netflix is currently creating original material in addition to broadcasting older and incredibly popular K-Dramas.

On similar lines, the recent box office success of the film Vincenzo, starring prominent actor Song Joon Ki as the anti-hero protagonist. It was a recent example of enormous commercial success. This post will go through the latest Netflix original series, Proceed To Heaven, which debuted earlier this month. Please continue reading for more details.

Recap of Season One

Let’s take a little recap before we get into the Move To Heaven Season 2 release date.

Geu-ru has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has difficulty with social relationships as well as nonverbal communication. He works for his father’s firm, “Move to Heaven,” arranging goods left by the departed. His Uncle Sang-gu appears out of nowhere when his father dies. Sang-gu has a cold demeanor. Nevertheless, he was chosen as Geu-guardian. Ru’s He presently lives with his nephew and helps him run the family company, Move To Heaven. Sang-gu used to compete in underground bouts, and he was imprisoned following an incident during one of his encounters.

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They now co-manage the firm, where they learn about the deceased’s life. Meanwhile, Sang-gu strives to reconcile his turbulent past. It is which includes Geu-father ru’s and the horrific occurrence for which he was imprisoned.

What Can We Expect From Move To Heaven Season 2?

Despite the fact that no official announcement has been made. The way Season 1 ended hinted that the program would be revived. In the end, Joo Young manages to evade the cops, and he is most likely plotting retribution for the fall of his empire. In addition, Na Mu has a crush on Geu-ru, providing a fresh basis for Move To Heaven Season 2.

Move To Heaven Season 2 will premiere on this day

Season 1 of “Move to Heaven” aired on Netflix on May 14, 2021, and is now available to view in its entirety. The first season consists of 10 episodes, each lasting 45 to 60 minutes in duration. The following is all we presently know about Season 2 of this show. There is currently no way to upgrade to Heaven’s season 2 without paying a charge. Because neither the showrunners nor Netflix have commented on the show’s renewal. Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out if it will be renewed.

move to heaven season 2

Korean dramas are typically completed in a single season and do not continue for a second or third season. Many K-dramas are made in the style of a limited series and are only produced for a single season. Just a few presentations conclude on a cliffhanger, leaving room for more study. Viewers will see Joo Young escape the hands of law enforcement agencies in the season finale, ‘advance to Heaven,’ and it is expected that the adversary will seek vengeance for the empire’s destruction in this episode.

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By the end of the pilot season, we also learn that Na Mu is in love with Geu Ru, which has the potential to cause a slew of difficulties between the two characters. As a result, the rebirth of ‘Move to Heaven’ looks to be a question of time. If it is renewed for a second season in the summer of this year, Move to Heaven Season 2 will premiere somewhere in the middle of the following decade.

Will “Moving to Heaven” Return for a Second Season?

So far, neither the showrunners nor Netflix has commented on the potential of a second season of the Korean drama, but based on the latest chapter, the story of Geu Roo and his uncle Jo Sang Goo looks to be continuing into a second season. Because Joo Young manages to flee the forces of order at the end of the first installment of “Moving to Heaven,” he is likely to seek retribution for the loss of his kingdom. Is Roo and Jo Sang Goo’s safety jeopardized?

If the firm decides to develop another season, it might be released by the end of 2022, with the Pandemic in mind. Because this presentation was a tremendous hit with the audience, it’s feasible that it may happen sooner than expected.

Who Could Join the Move To Heaven Season 2 Cast?

It’s unclear whether the streamer will return for Move To Heaven Season 2. However, it is reasonable to presume that Lee Je-Hoon, who portrays Cho Sang-gu, and Tang Joon-sang, who plays Han Geu-Ru, will be back for the second season. In addition, Ji Jin-hee as Han Lee Moon-Sik would return as Park Joo-Taek, I’m Won-hee would return as Oh Hyun-chang, and Hong Seung-hee would return as Yoon Na-mu.

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In addition, the conclusion teased the return of Hongseok as Park Jun-Yeong, Jung Young-Joo as Oh Mi-ran, and Park Jung-Won as Su-younger Cheol’s sister Kim Su-jin. Jung Ae-Young as Madam Jung and Choi Soo-Young as Son Woo-rim may also join them. Yoon Ji-Hye as Lee Ju-Yeong and Lee Re as “butterfly girl” Cha Eun-Byeol would also appear in the second season. There is, however, a significant likelihood that some new faces may join the second round. Jeong-woo and Kim Ju-Yeon as Min Ji-won are likely to return as Geu-memories Ru’s and in flashbacks. Other Jeong-workplace woo partners would also return.

What Could Move to Heaven Season 2’s Plot Be About?

Sang Gu accepts Geu Ru’s guardianship in order to get financial benefit in Season 1. However, at the conclusion of the first season, he has built a deep emotional bond with his nephew and no longer has any secret motives for staying with him. In fact, in order to retrieve his house deed, he chooses to return to the shady boxing ring, putting his life in jeopardy. It exhibits his dedication to Geu Ru. By the end of the episode, viewers see that Joo Young is able to depart when the authorities discover the illegal gambling ring.

move to heaven season 2

We may anticipate Joo Young to return in season 2 as an adversary seeking vengeance. On the uncle-nephew duo whose actions led to the gambling ring’s destruction. Season 1 eloquently showcased Geu Ru’s Asperger’s syndrome issues, and while his growth has been outstanding, it remains to be seen where his character goes from here.

We may witness a different side of him when he and his loved ones face new challenges and opponents. Furthermore, because Na-mu has love emotions for him, their relationship is expected to deepen in the following season. It will be intriguing to watch the challenges that arise as a result of their romance.


Have you seen the first season of Move to Heaven? How do you feel about it, do you enjoy it, and what are your predictions for Move to Heaven Season 2? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.