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Here Are the Most Subscribed Twitch Streamers as of Today

most subscribed twitch streamers

The number of viewers that watch live streams on Twitch has exploded over the last several years, and the number of content providers has followed suit. Multiple streamers have developed their unique brands as a result of the amassing of sizable fanbases throughout their careers.

This list will analyse the top five streamers on Twitch in terms of the number of subscribers they have, ranking them from the streamer with the most subscribers to the streamer with the fewest subscribers.


Alexandre “Gaules,” a Brazilian native who was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player in the past and is currently 38 years old, is a content creator on Twitch. “Gaules” currently resides in the United States. On Twitch, he is now ranked sixth among streamers in terms of the number of subscribers they have.

Gaules has a total of 56,862 members on the primary Twitch channel he uses, with 38,750 of those users paying for a subscription.

It was in January 2018 when he first started streaming live video on Twitch. Throughout the entirety of his career as a live streamer, Gaules has spent the vast bulk of his time playing and streaming the first-person shooter (FPS) tactical game CS: GO. To date, he has transmitted more than 24,000 hours of gaming.


Nicholas “NICKMERCS” is a big name in the world of streaming, and at the moment, he is the fourth most subscribed video creator on the purple platform.

This powerful individual, who is 31 years old, is a devoted gamer and is also a co-owner of the well-known esports group known as FaZe Clan. This person’s age makes him a senior member of the gaming community. It was in the early days of Twitch, back when the platform was still known by its original name, Justin. tv, that he got his start in the streaming industry as a professional streamer.

The first-person shooter game Fortnite is one of the most popular games that NICKMERCS plays, and he is known for playing a variety of other first-person shooter games. On his Twitch account, he has more than 6.4 million followers, and there are currently 59,045 people actively subscribed to his channel.


Eric “PointCrow” is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who generates the content and plays Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is Nintendo’s flagship title. Eric plays the game while also broadcasting it live on both platforms.

PointCrow started streaming their games on Twitch for the first time in January of 2019, and for a while, they had an average of roughly one hundred viewers watching them. After he hosted a substation in April 2022, he saw a substantial increase in the number of viewers watching his show, which went from 2,013 to 4,400 over the next year. Because of this, his fame soared to new heights.

The fact that he has 67,313 subscribers places him in third place among the streamers on Twitch who have the most subscribers overall. Out of the entire amount of members, 57,667 subscriptions—including 6,185 subscriptions to Twitch Prime—have been given to him as a gift by his audience.


Felix “xQc,” who is one of the most well-liked users of the Twitch network, is constantly in the news since he is one of the most popular streamers on the platform. xQc has been the focus of a significant number of videos that have gone viral.

With a total of 95,575 subscribers, the once professional Overwatch player now claims the honour of being the most popular English streamer on the site. This title was previously held by another player. As a result, he now holds the position on Twitch of having the second most subscribers.

During his career as an online gamer, not only has xQc logged more than 4,000 hours playing Overwatch, but he has also taken part in a wide range of gaming meta and played games like Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay, Minecraft, Among Us, and Fortnite. In total, xQc has played more than a dozen different games.


Currently, the streamer with the most subscribers on Twitch is Casimiro “Casimiro,” who also goes by the name Casimiro. He is widely recognised as one of the most popular streamers in Brazil. At the time that this article was being written, he had 105,825 subscribers, of which 66,347 were Twitch Prime customers.

Casimito’s career took an important turn at the beginning of this year when he started working with the football superstar Neymar Jr. and when he started watching the documentary series that Neymar Jr. was producing for Netflix.

Both of these events coincided with Casimito’s involvement with Neymar Jr. Casimiro was successful in drawing in more than 500,000 concurrent viewers for the first episode of the documentary series that they were airing during the same stream.

He plays FIFA almost exclusively during his live streams, but every once in a while he will gather his friends for a round of Among Us.

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