Here Are the Ten Most Expensive Shoes Ever Made.



Everyone is aware of someone who is shoe-obsessed. You might even be that person that is always interested in learning about the newest Jordans or Yeezys. But these shoes are probably unlike any you have ever seen.

The prices shown are the values as of the day of their release, with the significant exception of No. 4, due to the value of artwork and the materials needed to create these items.

$1.9 Million Drake’s Golden Ovo X Air Jordans

The world’s most popular sneaker should not be left off of a list of pricey footwear. However, any pair of Js won’t do; these must be unique. Drake’s 24K gold Jordan 10s are the first item on our list because of this.

most expensive shoes ever

The gold alone should have been worth $1.9 million, given the cost of gold at the time of purchase and the alleged 100-pound total weight of these shoes. Drake paid renowned mixed media and conceptual artist Matthew Sena to make the one-of-a-kind pair, so it seems like he got a good deal. Sena is known for his hidden method.

Jason Arasheben $2,000,000 for Tom Fords

Nick Cannon was aware that he wanted to make a major statement at the 2014 season finale of “America’s Got Talent.” According to the legend, he got in touch with Jason Arasheben, the brains behind Jason of Beverly Hills, to ask for assistance in making “the most expensive shoes in the world.”

most expensive shoes ever

Arasheben used a pair of patent-leather Tom Fords as the starting point for this “over-the-top” masterpiece.

Stuart Weitzman $2 Million for Tanzanite Heels

Perhaps to your surprise, tanzanite is more uncommon than diamonds. The Maasai tribe found it on Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967, and it remains the sole mine that is now known to exist. Given that Stuart Weitzman and jeweller Eddie Le Vian collaborated to create them, the 4.5-inch heels are encrusted with 185 carats of diamonds.

most expensive shoes ever

However, despite their scarcity and beauty, they are still regarded as semi-precious stones, so those qualities alone wouldn’t be sufficient to command such a high price. For extra insurance, the designers presumably added an additional 28 carats of diamonds.

$2 Million for the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers.

This unique duo is the stuff of legends. Weitzman wanted to make something a little more wearable than the legendary glass slippers, and was inspired by the tale of the same name.

most expensive shoes ever

565 Kwiat diamonds in platinum settings are mounted on lacey white Italian leather straps.

 $3 million Rita Hayworth heels.

The Rita Hayworth Heels are yet another example of Stuart Weitzman’s propensity for creating some of the most expensive footwear in existence. During her long film career, Rita Hayworth was one of the most popular actresses of her time. This helped the stiletto heel become more popular.

most expensive shoes ever

The satin flowers on the heels should answer any questions about the shoes’ relationship to Rita Hayworth. This is a particularly unique pair of earrings because the diamond, ruby, and sapphire stones set in them were once the celebrity’s.

$3 million Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

These jewel-encrusted slippers were made by Harry Winston in 1989 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” and they took two months to complete. To be authentic to the movie, the shoes were constructed in a size 4, and they had 1,350 carats of rubies and 25 carats of diamonds.

most expensive shoes ever

The odd thing about this pair is that the actual shoes used in the movie went for less at auction. Although the $660,000 they sold for was still a considerable price, this is one of the few instances where the remake ended up costing more than the original.

$10 Million for Shoes Thrown at President Bush.

This would appear to be a prank if it weren’t so simple to verify. However, at least one Saudi Arabian individual believes that the shoes that were used in an attempt to assault a previous president are worth $10 million.

most expensive shoes ever

Ramazan Baydan asserts that this shoe, the Ducati Model 271, was expertly made. There are some other producers in other parts of the world, but that didn’t stop orders for the “Bush Shoes” from pouring into Baydan’s store, and it most certainly didn’t stop Hassan Mohammad Makhafa from making an offer of $10 million for the first pair, with the intention of preserving them for all time.

Debbie Wingham’s High Heels Cost $15.1 Million.

Debbie Wingham started her career in fashion, branched out into the world of cakes, and then combined the two to produce what, for a while, was the most expensive pair of shoes in the entire world. These $15 million heels appear to be the near-peak of high-fashion footwear as well as a delicious pleasure.

most expensive shoes ever

It’s important to note that Wingham’s sweets sell for even more than her shoes. One consumer spent $64 million on a cake covered with diamonds.

Passion Jewellers X Jada Dubai Diamond Shoes ($17 Million)

Raising the bar from a pair of $15 million stilettos is challenging, but two opulent luxury labels collaborated to make it possible. This specific pair is constructed of gold and is embellished with two stunning 15 carat perfect D diamonds.

most expensive shoes ever

According to the CEO of Passion Jewellers, they reflect “the essence of the Royal Dream, being composed of limited-edition clocks developed for the current high-society woman.”They are on display at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, where you may catch a glimpse.

Antonio Vietri’s Moon Star Shoes Are Worth $19.9 Million.

The main event and first item on the list is this. Excuse the pun, but these sneakers are genuinely out of this world.

If you’re going to display a sneaker that broke a record, do it with style. As an example, these were presented to the public for the first time during MIDE (Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates) Fashion Week on a yacht in Dubai.

most expensive shoes ever

It has a solid gold heel, 30 carats of diamonds, and a fragment of an Argentinian meteorite from the 16th century. The Daily Mail said after the 2019 shoes’ introduction that they were inspired by the 163-story Burj Khalifa tower.