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Mortal Kombat Movie: Has Coronavirus Delayed The Reboot? Scorpion And Sub-Zero Still Allies?


David Mudd

The Mortal Kombat movie is still a ways away. Warner Bros has slated the movie for a release date of January 15, 2021. Anticipation for the movie is building among the fans, since it has been a long, long time since a Mortal Kombat movie last hit the big screen, though.

Questions Surrounding The Film’s Release Date

The last Mortal Kombat film to come to theatres was Mortal Kombat Annihilation, which came out back in 1997. So, fans would rather not have to wait any longer than they have to for the franchise’s reboot to come out.

Mortal Kombat Movie

They may end up getting it on the currently announced release date, but it’s not so clear anymore. This due to a tweet that one of the producers on the film, Todd Garner, made in response to a fan. The fan asked him if the coronavirus would delay the Mortal Kombat movie, but Garner simply replied that he wasn’t sure.

A Long Wait For Fans (Mortal Kombat Movie)

The uncertainty in Garner’s comments will surely cause some concern among the fans. The Mortal Kombat movie had been in production hell for years. Then, James Wan came along and the whole process sped up significantly. Now that Warner Bros has even given us a concrete release date, it would be frustrating to have to wait even longer.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the studio did end up delaying the movie, though. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed plenty of movies that were supposed to come out already. Even if we’re past the pandemic by January 2021, some of these movies that had to push their release dates may end up coming out around the Mortal Kombat movie.

Mortal Kombat Movie

Warner Bros would much prefer for Mortal Kombat to have no competition around it. So they may choose to delay it to ensure that it gets to make as much money as possible. What makes this wait even more frustrating is the lack of information we have about the movie itself. We know that Simon McQuoid is directing the film and we know much of the cast.

Plot, Character Speculation (Mortal Kombat Movie)

However, the movie’s plot is still up in the air. One question that fans have about it specifically is regarding Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The first Mortal Kombat movie showed these two characters as friends. This is inconsistent with the game’s lore, though.

Mortal Kombat Movie

So what’s the relationship between those two going to be like in this reboot? The movie is going to include game-accurate fatalities, so it is possible that the people behind this movie won’t take too many creative liberties with the backstories of these characters.

All we can do for now is wait. Mortal Kombat still has a release date of January 15, 2021.