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Mortal Kombat : How Shang-Chi’s Delay Will Help Mortal Kombat Reboot


David Mudd

Disney has recently announced some launch dates. Now, that could’ve been quite a bummer to some of us. Mortal Kombat is also one of the movies to be launched this year.

We have found out that major titles like Mulan and Black Widow will not hit the theatres anytime soon. Although, some of us had already had that coming.

With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to a halt. So, it is not possible to release many movies this year.

This is under the consideration that by-far there is no idea when the world will get over it. And until then, it is only wise to postpone its titles.

Amongst this, there is also news of the delay of Shang-Chi. However, this will come out to benefit Mortal Kombat. Keep reading to know-how.

Also know more facts about the releases.

How The Delay Helps Mortal Kombat

Now that Shang-CHi is delayed, Mortal Kombat is benefited hugely. Shang-CHi is one of those movies that got delayed in the recent list.

So, you will find that now Mortal Kombat doesn’t have much competition to face. It can remain on the theatres for about 5 weeks now.

This doesn’t clash with Shang-Chi anymore. So, there is no need to get worried about the business that the movie will do. It will be just fine on its own.

Also, the plot of Shang-CHi could’ve been very annoying for Mortal Kombat. So, anyway, it is a happy moment for Warner Bros.

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More About Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi is now delayed by Disney. It will release later than expected. This movie is more like an Asian Representation of the Black Widow.

So, it isn’t very certain how the audience will entertain this. The movie also allegedly features a martial arts fight.

This fight will be special because it will include the use of supernatural powers. So, it can be subjective to the audience of a specific region.

Also, there are chances that the film doesn’t do very well. There have been previous cases where some movies have faced criticism due to the representation of a race particular.

All cases seem to be in favour of Mortal Combat.

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Mortal Kombat Will Be A Happy Wave For Warner Bros

Since Mortal Kombat is free, Warner Bros can be very happy. It is a wave of good news for them. They will have more chances to fare better out of this movie.

Many fans have been waiting for this movie for a long time. Mortal Kombat is a great movie to look out for.