Mortal Kombat 12 Release Date: Rumors and Speculation About the Release Date!


Aditi Deshinge

Mortal Kombat is a popular fighting game franchise that was first released by Midway Games in 1992. The game features a cast of unique and often gruesome characters, each with their own special moves and finishing moves, known as “fatalities,” which involve brutally dispatching opponents in a variety of graphic ways.

The game quickly gained a large and devoted following due to its fast-paced gameplay, detailed graphics, and gory finishing moves. Since its initial release, the franchise has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, as well as a series of films, television shows, and other media adaptations.

The latest installment in the Mortal Kombat series is Mortal Kombat 11, which was released in 2019. The game features new and returning characters, enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics, and a story mode that continues the narrative of the previous games.

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Is There a Release Date for Mortal Kombat 12?

As of my knowledge cutoff date of February 2023, there has been no official announcement or confirmation regarding the release date of Mortal Kombat 12. It is common for game developers to keep information about future releases under wraps until they are ready to make an official announcement.

 Mortal Kombat 12 Release Date

Therefore, it is difficult to say when Mortal Kombat 12 will be released, if at all. However, given the popularity of the franchise, it is likely that there will be future installments of the game in the years to come. Fans of the series will have to wait for any official news or updates from the game’s developers or publishers.

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What are the Characters of Mortal Kombat?

Well, the release date of Mortal Kombat 12 hasn’t revealed by the makers but if the gameplay come back then the characters will be as follows –

The Mortal Kombat series features a large cast of characters, many of whom have become iconic in the world of fighting games. Some of the most well-known characters from the series include: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Kano, Shang Tsung, Goro, Mileena, Baraka, Jade, Cyrax, Reptile, Ermac, Smoke, Noob Saibot, Kabal, Sindel, Nightwolf, Sekto, Kung Lao, Quan Chi, Fujin

These are just a few of the many characters that have appeared throughout the Mortal Kombat series, each with their own unique look, fighting style, and backstory.

What are The Features of Mortal Kombat 12?

As of now, there is no release of Mortal Kombat 12, however the features of latest version of Mortal Kombat which is Mortal Kombat 11 are as follows-

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game franchise that is known for its fast-paced gameplay, gory finishing moves, and unique characters. Some of the key features of the Mortal Kombat series include:

  1. Fighting mechanics: Mortal Kombat features a variety of moves and combos that players can use to defeat their opponents. Each character has their own set of moves and special abilities that can be used to gain an advantage in combat.
  2. Fatalities: One of the most iconic features of the Mortal Kombat series is its finishing moves, known as “fatalities.” These moves involve brutally dispatching opponents in a variety of graphic ways, such as ripping out their spine or setting them on fire.
  3. Story mode: The more recent games in the Mortal Kombat series feature a story mode that allows players to follow a narrative that ties together the events of the game’s various battles and challenges.
  4. Multiplayer: Mortal Kombat games typically include multiplayer modes that allow players to compete against each other online or locally.
  5. Unlockable content: Many games in the Mortal Kombat series feature a variety of unlockable content, such as new characters, costumes, or game modes, that players can access by completing various challenges or meeting certain criteria.

These are just a few of the many features that have made the Mortal Kombat series popular among fighting game fans over the years.

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Is there a Trailer of Mortal Kombat?

As of now, there is a no trailer for Mortal Kombat 12, however, there were several trailers available for the most recent Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat 11, which was released in 2019. These trailers showcased the game’s graphics, characters, and gameplay mechanics, and gave fans a taste of what to expect from the latest installment in the series.

It’s worth noting that if there is ever a trailer for a future Mortal Kombat game, it will likely be released by the game’s developers or publishers. Fans can stay tuned to official Mortal Kombat channels and social media accounts for any news or updates regarding trailers or other promotional materials for future installments of the franchise.

What are The Reviews for Mortal Kombat game?

Reviews of the Mortal Kombat games have varied over the years, with some games being more well-received than others. However, the series as a whole has generally been regarded as one of the most iconic and influential fighting game franchises of all time.

 Mortal Kombat 12 Release Date

Here are some examples of review scores and comments from various Mortal Kombat games:

  1. Mortal Kombat (2011): This game was a reboot of the franchise and was generally well-received by critics. It received a Metacritic score of 84 out of 100, with critics praising its graphics, fighting mechanics, and story mode.
  2. Mortal Kombat X (2015): This game was also well-received, with a Metacritic score of 83 out of 100. Critics praised its gameplay, graphics, and character customization options.
  3. Mortal Kombat 11 (2019): This game received generally positive reviews, with a Metacritic score of 83 out of 100. Critics praised its visuals, character roster, and story mode, although some criticized its microtransaction system.


Overall, the Mortal Kombat series has had a significant impact on the fighting game genre and has earned a loyal following among fans. While individual games may receive mixed reviews, the franchise as a whole is widely regarded as a classic in the gaming world.

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