Moonlight Chicken Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?



Do you love to eat chicken? If You Are a chicken lover then we have some amazing news for you. In recent times, a lot of new series have entered the entertainment world, and one of them is Moonlight Chicken. I know that most of you were shocked to hear the name of this series, but you will be more shocked to learn the show’s storyline. Many people are well educated regarding chicken dishes, but do you know that chicken is cooked in the moonlight?

Well, yes! The recently released series called Moonlight Chicken features the story of the same team where the chicken is cooked in the Moonlight. The show has been officially released in 2023 for the audience to stream. As soon as the first season of the show was announced to release, many people were excited to learn about the show.

As the name of the series was quite interesting, it attracted the attention of a massive number of people. As the first part of the series officially concluded, many people were wondering about the future potential of the show. In this article, we will be going to help you to learn more about the series in detail. Continue reading the article so that you can get all the latest news regarding the series.

Moonlight Chicken Season 2 Renewal Status: Will there be Another Season?

As of now, the officials have already released the last season of the show. The series features a unique story that attracts a massive number of people to watch it.

As the first season of the show concluded, it created a huge chaos among the people who were speculating about the potential of the second season. If you are expecting that there will be a second season of the show, then you are wrong.

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We are currently looking into the matter and if there will be any updates regarding the renewal status of the show, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

Moonlight Chicken Season 2 Release Date: When is it Going to Release?

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Moonlight Chicken season 2. Many people are wondering about the release date of the second season, but we are unfortunate to tell you that none of them is officially confirmed by the showrunner. It is super soon for the release date to get announced since the show was concluded a month ago.

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Not only this, but the majority of series are following the multi-season concept and we are expecting Moonlight Chicken features the same concept.

If everything goes right then the fans can expect the release of Moonlight Chicken season two in 2024 or 2025. This is our expected release date but if there will be any confirmation regarding the topic, we will make sure to edit this section.

Moonlight Chicken Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be in it?

If there is a second season of the series, we expect all the major characters to be back in the show.

Portrays By Character Name
Pirapat Watthanasetseries Thanit Iaoseries
Sahaphap Wongratch Wen
Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan Kaipa
Kanaphan Puitrakul Alan
Norawit Titicharoenrak Heart
Nattawat Jirochtikul Li Ming
Pakin Kunaanuvit Saleng
Benyapa Jeanprasom Praew

Not only this, but the show’s second season is getting some new characters according to the storyline. As of now, we don’t have any official statement regarding the matter. But if there will be any details regarding the character, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

Moonlight Chicken Season 2 Plot: What it Will be about?

Moonlight Chicken is a BL series that features the story of Asian boys’ love and is highly popular among the people. The first season of the show is officially released and it focuses the story around Jim, an ordinary guy running a chicken rice dinner shop. His shop is popular in the town and everyone loves to stop by the place to get something for themselves.

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The people of the area love the place and adore the taste of the chicken. One day, during his working hours, he met Wen and both of them got super close that night. As the story continues, we find how they both try to forget each other, but none of them accomplish it. Rather they develop strong feelings against each other and the series gets more dramatic afterward.

If there will be a second season of the show, it is going to feature the story of these two characters. As the audience admires these two in the show. We are highly confident that the officials are likely to follow their story in the upcoming season 2. However, there are no official updates regarding the matter but if there will be any detail on the series, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

Moonlight Chicken Season 2 Official Trailer

Do you want to watch the official trailer of the show? Unfortunately, there are no updates regarding the trailer for the season.

As the officials have not yet disclosed their plans regarding the series, it is super hard to comment on the official trailer of the show. Till then you can watch Moonlight Chicken season one and get all the latest updates about the series.

Where to Watch the Show?

Do you want to watch the show? Chicken is already a popular Asian series that courts massive popularity around the world. All those people who want to watch the series can head to GMMTV YouTube and Thailand’s Disney+ Hotstar.

If you need a recommendation on any other shows, then we will ask you to watch The Company You Keep, A Korean Odyssey, Trolley Season 2, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

What are the Ratings of the Show?

Moonlight Chicken got an amazing rating on online platforms. Both the critics and the audience rated the series with positive ratings. In this section of the article, we will be going to disclose all the ratings of the series in detail.

Starting with the IMDb rating of the series which is 8.3/10. Talking about the rating on Mydramalist. The online platform has dated the show with 8.4/10 ratings. Coming to last, but not least is BL Watcher, which is a popular online platform known for its rating on boy love drama shows. The online platform rated the series with an 8.9/10 rating. This shows that the series has amazing fans all around the world


Expecting a second season of your favorite series is not wrong but considering the official statement, We Are currently unsure whether there will be a season two of the sure not. The officials have not yet disclosed the plans regarding the series. It is because the first season of the show concluded a month ago and we have already seen that the majority of series get renewed within a year.

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