Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Release Date and Time, Cast and Crew, Synopsis and More!


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The most recent portion of the Midnight Series collection of GMMTV, Moonlight Chicken is a BL (kid love) show about Jim, a chicken rice vender and Wen, a client as they become hopelessly enamored with one another after a tipsy experience.

In any case, when day comes, so does reality hit as Wen is a taken man however that doesn’t prevent him from chasing after Jim who fears responsibility. Somewhere else Jim’s nephew, Li Ming battles to become friends with Heart who is hard of hearing.

Assuming you’ve been following this Thai BL show since its fake trailer drop, you might be interested to find out when the principal episode is delivering. All things considered, wonder no more!

Moonlight Chicken is an impending Thai show set to debut soon. It is one more heartfelt BL show for all Thai BL spreads out there. We have come to discuss everything you really want to be aware of the series. We will uncover the release date, plot, cast, and locales where you can watch it. Fans are anxious to perceive how the storyline unfurls the energy and feelings between the characters work out.

GMM television is an eminent creation organization in the Thailand business. It has many administrations like the GMM25 TV station and GMM television official youtube station. Their Youtube channel is renowned for transferring Thai show free of charge.

Moonlight Chicken Release Date

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Plot

The TV series Moonlight Chicken is the tale of a man named Jim who runs a cafe and sells Hainanese chicken rice at midnight. He accepts that his café at midnight isn’t the finish of a drawn out day yet the start of another one. Individuals love visiting his place and partaking in his food while discussing their day.

He meets Wen, an alcoholic man who came in as a client one day. The night changes both of their lives surprisingly. They start to shape a bond that is basic to grasp. That exceptional midnight had such an effect that they couldn’t quit pondering one another. Wen is already in a relationship, regardless of their developing fascination.

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At the point when Wen chooses to function as a server in Jim’s cafe, Jim gives him a few rules. He cautions him to avoid anything like he did whenever they first met. Jim fantasizes about having a home where somebody will be sitting tight for him when he returns, a blissful spot where all his sleepiness will disappear. They start to stand together and support what is going on.

The show is tied in with following your energy, becoming together, and confronting life’s difficulties. Everybody has a story to tell. Somebody might seem blissful outwardly, yet within, they are encountering unexplainable agony. It is a sweet sentiment show that you ought to add to your watchlist.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Cast

Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Blend Sahaphap Wongratch are the fundamental characters assuming the part of Jim and Wen in the show Moonlight Chicken.

Moonlight Chicken Release Date

Earth Pirapat is a Thai actor. He became popular for his work in the Water Kid series. His other series incorporate Kiss Me Once more, A Story of Thousand Stars, and Cupid’s last desire.

Blend Sahaphap is a Thai actor who started his career in 2018. He was essential for a teeny-bopper group named Charming Gourmet expert. He rose to popularity after the series A Story Of Thousand Stars.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Release Date and Time

Moonlight Chicken has declared the release of its most memorable Episode solely on Disney+ Hotstar Thailand. It is ready to be broadcasted on February 8, 2023, at 7.00 pm Bangkok time. There are a sum of eight episodes in Moonlight Chicken. The span is close to 70 minutes. New episodes will air each Wednesday and Thursday.

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Fans from other timezones, look at the rundown of the hour of the release of Moonlight Chicken.

  • Indian Standard Time: 5.30 pm
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 12.00 pm
  • Korean Standard Time: 9.00 pm
  • Eastern Standard Time: 7.00 am

Where To Watch Moonlight Chicken Episode 1?

For global fans, the GMM television youtube station is the best way to partake in the show Moonlight Chicken. Disney+ Hotstar Thailand is simply accessible to viewers in Thailand. The YouTube channel is free, and the whole rendition of the show will be released each Wednesday and Thursday.

Moonlight Chicken Release Date

About Moonlight Chicken

The tale of the show spins around a man named Jim, who runs his supper and sells Hainanese chicken rice.

Individuals love visiting his place to get something to eat in the wake of a difficult day as the spot opens at midnight. One such normal day, Jim experiences Wen, an alcoholic man who had come in as a customer.The night changes the two of them in extremely unforeseen ways as they structure a connection between which is really basic to understand.

The Short Decision on Moonlight Chicken

Elegantly composed, very much cast, and all around took care of, Moonlight Drawn By Mists is a pleasant combination youthy sageuk with a boatload of heart. Tell not just knows the best way to draw out the best in its story and its characters, it knows how to connect with the heart and welcome on the feels as well.

The primary cast is fantastic and our lead couple is extremely charming together, however this show’s champion is most certainly Park Bo Gum, who is just brilliant as Crown Ruler Yeong.

There’s a spot of drag in the last episodes, yet it doesn’t keep going for a really long time. Critically, Show never loses it’s personal center, and is very cracky-delightful the remainder of the time, for sure.

It’s Simply So Very Much Made

One the main things that strikes a chord when I consider Moonlight – beside the way that Park Bo Gum is charming and brilliant – is that this show is really, really very much made.

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From keeping in touch with execution to conveyance, everything meets up consistently and naturally to make Show wake up in the entirety of its light, simple combination magnificence.

Moonlight Chicken Release Date

The composing feels guaranteed, and the characters, sorted through. In addition, it sure doesn’t hurt that there’s such a lot of Pretty in this. Kim Yoo Jung is charming as a button, and Park Bo Gum, Jin Young and Kwak Dong Yun are all so very purty.

It’s Elegantly Composed

I simply love the way deft and certain the composing is, and the way that it sets up every episode’s contention and goal. I’m reliably conveyed along in the pressure, and more often than not, I can’t really predict how the contention will be settled.

[Spoiler Alert]

In episode 4, I had no clue about what Yeong (Park Bo Gum) intended to do, then again, actually it had to do with the lord’s (Kim Seung Soo) birthday festivity, and it would have been something about utilizing music to kill Head Kim (Chun Ho Jin) with honey.

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