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List Of The Main Characters Appearing in Monsters, Inc. (Selected)


Boo sneaks in during Randall’s late-night Scare Floor operations. Sulley tries to free her but fails, so he puts her in a duffel bag.

Boo worries Harryhausen’s customers when Sulley tells Mike, so the CDA “decontaminates” the restaurant. Mike and Sulley find out she’s not poisonous. The next day, they dress her up as one of Sulley’s relatives’ kids and try to send her home. Sulley and Boo don’t trust Randall, so he kidnaps Mike. Sulley assists Mike. Boo wasn’t afraid of Sulley after Mike and he escaped Randall, but his roar scared her.

Waternoose took Mike and Sulley to the Himalayas as they sought to take Boo home. Sulley saves Boo from Randall’s Scream Extractor. Breakdown. Throughout the chase, Boo’s laughter opens vault doors. Boo stops fearing Randall and fights him. Waternoose and the CDA lock Boo’s door. Sulley snatches Boo’s door as Mike distracts the CDA. Unintentionally, Waternoose follows. Waternoose’s plan is found and he’s arrested. Roz, CDA’s hidden leader, gives Sulley and Mike five minutes to save Boo. Sulley and Mike shredded Boo’s door to protect her. Boo can’t find Sulley in her closet. Mike informs Sulley he mended Boo’s door but it needs one more part (the one taped to his clipboard). Sulley inserts the final piece, unlocks the door, and finds Boo.

Celia Mae

Celia Mae resembles a cyclops gorgon. Her hair and legs are purple snakes. She wears a gill-printed green dress with a blue-green fur collar. She works at Monsters, Inc. as Mike Wazowski‘s receptionist. Mike and Celia celebrate Celia’s birthday at Harryhausen’s, a Japanese sushi restaurant. A small girl arrives in just before the CDA raids the restaurant and creates an energy dome. Celia was one of the decontaminated creatures. She and her snake’s hair had to wear neck cones after being decontaminated, which humiliated her.

Sulley stopped Mike from helping. The next day, Celia confronts Mike. While scolding him, she mistakenly reveals Mike’s involvement in the night before’s event to Randall. Celia threatened to break up with Mike as he and Sulley were being hunted by Randall. Celia didn’t believe Mike when he said they were trying to get Boo back to her room until Boo came over Sulley’s shoulder and startled her. She uses Randall’s Scare Record as a distraction once she calms down. She’s seen at the end. Mike and she have reconciled. She tells him magazines arrived. Mike’s cover surprise her and him.

Even though Celia doesn’t appear in Monsters University, a picture of her can be seen in Mike’s locker room. Near the end of the movie, Mike hangs a new picture of himself and Sulley on their first day as a Scarer Team next to a picture of Celia.

When Roz puts Mike and Sulley in charge of the company in the TV show Monsters at Work, Mike gives Celia the job of floor supervisor.


Randall’s red, three-eyed helper is Fungus. Even though Randall was partnered with Fungus, he seemed to be annoyed by his actions and would often treat him badly and tell him what to do. Fungus is also scared of Randall’s behaviour and his part in Waternoose’s plan to kidnap human children and forcefully take their screams. However, he doesn’t confront Randall because he feels either blackmailed or too scared to do so, and he is secretly glad that Mike and Sulley are stopping the evil plan.

When Randall tries to use Mike as a test subject for the extraction machine, Sulley puts Fungus on the chair and saves Mike. The fact that the scream machine makes Fungus almost unconscious and turns him white shows that it chokes its victims. In the end, after Randall was defeated and Waternoose was arrested, Fungus was forgiven for his part. He now works as Mike’s assistant and makes kids laugh to get more power.

Smitty and Needleman

Needleman and Smitty are two silly monsters who work for Monsters, Inc. as maintenance and errand monsters. They both bow down to Sulley and worship the ground he walks on. One of their jobs at Monsters, Inc. is to run the Door Shredder, which is a machine that looks like a wood chipper and shreds the doors of kids who don’t fear monsters.

In one of the film’s outtakes, Smitty calls Sullivan “Solomon,” and in another, the Door Shredder shreds the door too quickly. It then runs backstage with them holding on to it, almost destroying the backstage props and equipment.

Thaddeus Bile

Thaddeus Bile is a Scarer trainee whose nickname is “Phlegm.” He looks like a dinosaur and has different colours on each of his arms and hands, spikes on the back of his head, and a spiked tail club. He botched up his training by leaving the door open and getting terrified by the simulation child (voiced by Lisa Raggio), causing him to trip on a soccer ball and fall on some jacks. By the time the factory starts to switch to laugh power, he is working on Scare Floor F, where he has made children laugh by slipping on a soccer ball and falling on some jacks while also using a skateboard in his act.

Ms. Flint

Ms. Flint is a woman who works at Monsters, Inc. She is in charge of the simulation tests that monsters have to pass to become scarers. Ms. Flint is a tall monster with fins on her eyes. She has long, sharp claws and a long, snake-like tail. She wears a black jacket. Monsters at Work shows that her daughter’s name is Thalia (voiced by Hadley Gannaway).

Jerry Slugworth

Jerry Slugworth is a floor manager for Scare Floor F. He is a red monster with blue stripes in the middle and thick maroon around his body and legs. He has seven fingers.


Tony is a tall, slender orange monster with a moustache, four tentacles for arms and five shorter tentacles for legs. He is a grocer who works at Tony’s Grocery. The first time Mike and Sulley see him, he is telling them that someone is about to break the All-Scare Record and throwing blood oranges at them while wishing them luck.


Ted is the biggest monster in the movie. He is so big that only his legs, which look like elephant legs and are covered with big, rough brown scales, are shown. He mostly talks with chicken noises, but in a baseball-themed short that he’s in, he roars. Also, he is shown at a crossroads waiting for the light to change with Mike and Sulley. Sulley says “good morning” to him, and he crows back. The light turns green, and Ted stomps across the road, making an earthquake with each step. After the meeting, Mike is not happy with Sulley because, despite Ted’s size, Sulley points out that Ted walked to work. His point was that they should too, but Mike, who just wanted to drive his red sports car, told him that he was mad.

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