Monster Musume Anime: Is season 2 happening?


David Mudd

It was almost 6 years back in July when an Anime adaption of Monster Musume Manga went live. At the time of release, it was yet another Anime show adapted from a Manga series.

However, in recent times, Monster Musume became one of the promising Anime series as Anime lovers have started to show some much awaited love to the show.

In fact, over the years, the Anime show directed by has stand out over Monster Musume Manga series. The first season of Anime series consists a total of 12 episodes with each and every episode potraying a completely different idea.

And that’s probably why after season 1, fans are demanding to see a look of Monster Musume season 2 from so many years.

Monster Musume Manga PLOT

Before I head over to discuss about Monster Musume Season 2, let’s get to know more about the manga series.

Be it Monster Musume manga or anime series, its story revolves around the legendary monsters such as mermaids, et cetera, harpies, aids and centaurs.

No, don’t think of them as a joke, they’ve recently starting to integrate into the human world. In between all this, then enters a part-time worker known as Kimihito Kurusu. Just by a pure accident, he ends hosting a snake peron known as Mila.

Later Centorea the centaur, Lala the dullahan, Mero the mermaid, Papi the harpy, Rachnera the spider-woman, Suu the slime, and other residents of his house joins him.

Now, embarrassed by his mistake, he shies away from sending away Mila and instead, they starts to live together.

Soon, he finds himself in a hectic environment as he struggles to live in peace with his new housemates. If this wasn’t it, there non-stop advances and the dramas to help them get along in the human world, made him a bit crazy.

However, the came even more crazier twist as we see some unexpected changes in the way human-liminal relationships are dealt lawfully.

To know what happens next, you must read Monster Musume manga or the 1st season of Monster Musume anime show.

Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date

Now, comes the main question – When Monster Musume Season 2? As far as some rumors goes – will it release in FALL-2021?

Well, officially there isn’t any announcements from the Lerche studio.

I’ll be honest with you here. It’s been more than 6 years & we don’t have a single updates from the showrunners. Earlier at the start of 2020, Monster Musume anime was expected to release sometime in FALL-2020.

Look now, we’ve entered in 2021 & there’s still no Monster Musume Season 2. Last year, I was eagerly waiting the second season but these have rumors have played with the emotions with several of its anime fans (including me).

So, let me break it you, Monster Musume isn’t happening (At least not anytime soon😢). And if anyone claims it’ll release by the end of 2021 or early 2022, it’s nothing but a sourceless clickbait.

Don’t fall for some fake rumors and instead of waiting for Monster Musume Season 2, start reading Monster Musume manga which is still running strong from over 8 years. There are multiple Manga readers like mangahere, Manga park and Mangalife which you can use to read its latest chapter completely free.

Final Thoughts

Even though I keep on blabbering –

There’ll be no Monster Musume Session 2,

Waiting for the next season of Monster Musume Anime is nothing but a complete waste.

But what if its studio releases the new season as a surprise for the fans who have been waiting for it patiently. Would you be able to hold this highly unlikely possibility?

Well, probably, I would never. What about you? Do you expect to see Monster Musume season 2 getting released as a surprise? How would you react to this news? Let me know in the comments section given below.