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Moneybagg Yo Net Worth: How Much Money Does Moneybagg Yo Make?

What is Moneybagg Yo's Net Worth?

Moneybagg Yo, whose true name is DeMario DeWayne White Jr., is a Memphis, Tennessee-based American rapper. In collaboration with Inter-scope Records, he eventually signed with the record label of fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, Collective Music Group.

Moneybagg Yo is one of the numerous rappers currently destroying the music industry. You may be astonished by how much he costs per performance. Additionally, his wealth has risen. Before we begin, let's get to know him a little bit more.

Early Life of Moneybagg Yo

DeMario DeWayne White Jr. was born on 22 September 1991. His first two Top 20 albums, Federal 3X and 2 Heartless opened at No. 5 and No. 16 on the Billboard 200, respectively. His third album, Time Served, reached number three on the Billboard 200 in January 2020, while his fourth album, A Gangsta's Pain, was released in April 2021 and became his first number-one album.

Moneybagg Yo Net Worth

Eight of Moneybags Yo's children are boys and girls. Moneybagg Yo committed to Islam in 2018, and rapper Kevin Gates administered his Shahada. He prays five times a day and fasts during Ramadan. Moneybagg Yo revealed in an interview that his choice to stop drinking was motivated by his Islam: “I'm Muslim, thus I'm disciplined… I'm strong-minded.”

Moneybagg Yo's Career

On April 16, 2012, Moneybagg Yo released his first mixtape, From the Block to the Booth. In the same year, he released his second mixtape, “On October 20th.” Moneybagg Yo has put out a number of mixtapes in 2016, such as “Relentless,” “Federal,” “Federal Reloaded,” “La Familia,” and more. He also released a mixtape called “ELO” (Everybody Lives On).

After putting out his mixtape “All Gas No Brakes,” Moneybagg had the chance to sign with Yo Gotti's label, Collective Music Group (CMG). When Yo Gotti heard All Gas, he liked what Moneybagg had to say.


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He and his mentor worked together to make the hit album “Federal 3X,” which was a huge success and peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200. That album had NBA Young Boy on it, and it made more than $30,000 from sales.

After a year, Moneybagg put out a collaboration mixtape called “Fed Baby.” Then he made two mixtapes that were huge hits: “2 Heartless” and “Bet On Me.” On September 18, 2020, Moneybagg released the mixtape Code Red, which was made by a group of artists. In the same year, he finally released his first studio album, which was called “Reset” and got him a lot of attention.

After being successful in 2019, he put out his second studio album, called “43va Heartless.” It was also a hit and brought in $40,000 from sales. After his third studio album, “Time Served,” debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 in 2019, Moneybagg continued to show that he was getting better and better.

The RIAA gave that album a Gold rating, making it his best-selling album to date. It sold 66,000 copies in its first week. His single, “Rookie of the Year,” came out on June 1, 2021.

What is the Net Worth of Moneybagg Yo?

He is one of the world's most popular hip-hop musicians. Demario DeWayne White Jr., commonly known as Moneybagg Yo, has a net worth of $4 million, according to multiple reports. The majority of his net fortune is attributable to his several famous songs and music ownership.

Recently, Moneybagg Yo demonstrated his financial generosity by giving his girlfriend, Ariana Fletcher, a truly astonishing gift, which we will cover in further detail later on. Let us investigate his net worth. The star tweeted in April 2021 that he was charging roughly $200,000 for each performance.

Moneybagg Yo's Personal Life

Megan Thee Stallion was an ex-girlfriend of Moneybagg Yo. He started dating model Ari Fletcher in January 2020. He is said to have bought Ari a Lamborghini for his birthday in July 2020.

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