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Money Heist Must Have Returned With Its Highly Anticipated 4th Season Earlier This Year, But Fans Are Busy Spotting Some Plot Holes!


David Mudd

Money Heist returned earlier this year for its fourth season. The incredibly popular Spanish action-drama saw new life breathed into it after it popped up on Netflix. It gained a worldwide following due to its availability on the streaming service.

Money Heist Season 4 Came Out Earlier In 2020

Naturally, with such an amplified level of popularity, the launch of Season 4 earlier this year should be a cause of celebration, right? For many reasons, it was. According to Netflix, a whopping 65 million households watched Money Heist Season 4 after its release on April 3, 2020.

Those are incredible numbers for any TV show, especially for one in its fourth season. However, that doesn’t mean fans love everything about this latest season. The show may have become a victim of its own expectations.

Money Heist

Fans Spotted Some Major Plot Holes In Money Heist Season 4

The thing about Money Heist that hooked people onto it was its complexity. Seeing what plans The Professor had cooking up was thrilling. Also, the shootouts that occur when the tension reaches its high point are a real highlight.

So, when fans of the show saw certain things happen in Season 4, they seemed to conflict with what they’d seen before. Most of the issues they have were around the character of Gandia. He’s a cool character on paper.

A badass, proficient assassin going up against the crew? Sounds like a compelling villain. However, fans think he’s so overpowered that he breaks the show’s tension at times. Some Reddit users mentioned that they simply could not take any gunfights with him seriously.

“I was laughing with every Gandía vs. heist team gunfight. He literally stood in the middle of the hallway for almost a minute yet they did not manage to even hurt him ONE bit with any bullet,” said one fan.

Money Heist

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Characters Make Some Dumb Decisions

There’s another part of Money Heist Season 4 that fans have an issue with involving Gandia. At one point, the assassin takes refuge in the Bank Of Spain’s panic room. When that happens, the team’s left wondering where he’s hiding.

However, that seems a little silly, when you consider that they’ve taken the bank’s governor hostage. Clearly, he would know where this panic room. None of our main crew members bothered to use him, though.

For a set of main characters that are supposed to be intelligent, this seems like quite an oversight.

Money Heist Season 5

Well the final season of Money Heist i.e Season 5 has been officially announced. And being the season finale of the series it is highly anticipated.

As per the sources the production work is all set to begin in August. And the new season will be hitting the screens somewhere in the middle of 2021.

We hope that the Season Finale will not disappoint us and thus Money Heist will leave will with a satisfying ending!