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Monarca season 3: Release Date | Plot | Cast


David Mudd

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought everything to a standstill. At such dire times, people have been relying heavily on the exquisite content available on the OTT platforms like game of thrones, bing bang theory, and Monarca season 3.

Though on the other hand, there have been several shows and content whose shoots have been adversely affected by the pandemic. The rising cases and loss of lives have hampered the production process.

The TV shows are facing healthy competition from the content available on the online platforms that are appealing to the youth. In between the crisis, you must have watched the amazing show called Monarca. 

There might be several of you who might still be searching if Monarca is goo watch and some might be anxious to know if there is going to be a Monarca season 3.

About Monarca


You must have seen several dramas that involve the family business of crime. The legacy has to be saved and that actually escalates the drama. Most of those dramas intend us to know the biggest message- it’s strictly what it seems. 

Now, Monarca is a show strewn on similar lines, which is currently available for streaming on the renowned OTT platform Netflix. On September 13, 2019, Netflix premiered the season. 1st. The show was renewed for a second season on October 24, 2019, with the first episode airing on January 1, 2021.

It is created and produced by Diego Gutierrez who is known for writing several famous American shows that have gripped the hearts of the viewers. With an ensemble of 7.9 out of 10 ratings on IMDB, one can understand that even this show was able to grab many viewers’ eyeballs in a go. 

The show had a fantastic run for 18 episodes spanning over 2 seasons, the show invoked good reactions considering its Mexican origin and storyline.

The Plot of Monarca

Monraca main leads riding on the horseback.
A still from Monarca season 2

The plot is a pretty nuanced one, with layers of drama and secrets to unfold. Talking about the thread-wide difference between the right and the wrong choices, Monarca follows the story of a billionaire tequila tycoon and his family living in the corrupted realm of Mexican business big names speckled with crime, controversies, and abuse. Ana Maria is one of three children of a business magnate who are set to inherit the firm. Ana Maria returns to Mexico to take over her father’s business in an unlikely turn of events.

The show talks about a lot of things that are pretty controversial, nuanced, and bold to talk about. To be effective in Mexico, an individual must develop relationships with

government officials, private corporations, and even drug dealers, according to the series. Likewise, The social and economic issues surrounding the spirit industry in the series are based on real-life issues in many Mexican states. This is a problem in many Mexican states, where truck drivers are finding it difficult to transport merchandise through a drug cartel-controlled city.

The cast of Monarca season 3

Monarca season 2 finale was mindbending.
Amazing cast of Monarca season 3

Irene Azuela plays Ana Maria Carranza Davila, Rosa Maria Bianchi plays Cecilia Davila De Carranza, Antonio de la Vega plays Bernardo, Osvaldo Benavides plays Andres Carranza Davila, and James Hyde plays Martin Rose in the film, and they will certainly return to reprise their roles without hesitation if there would be a Season 3 of Monarcha.

Would Monarca season 3 be released?

Earlier this year, there were speculations rife about the renewal of the show for season 3. The makers kept dropping hints for the same, or at least the fans kept picking them up.

Previously, the show’s producers have made no public statements on the third season’s revival. 

Though, if Season 2 receives a positive reception, the producers had stated that they would go up for new seasons, implying that the series will return for a third season.

Since several elements of the second season required to be developed further, viewers were hoping for a proper ending. 

 Monarca official poster
Monarca season 3 cast amazing photo shoot.

As a result, we were all hoping for a swift return of the show from Netflix. If that had occurred, the third season of Monarca may have premiered in late 2021 or early 2022.

But according to the fresh information, despite the series having many loose ends, the makers confirmed in March 2021 that the series would not be renewed further. There was just so much scope for a probable 3rd season and it just occurs as a blow to the fans of the series.

Netflix has announced that the show “Monarca” will not be renewed for a third season leading to its cancellation. The reason for the termination of “Monarca” is that its second season did not achieve the desired output, causing production to choose not to resume the series because doing it would cost the company more fortune than it could make.


Many viewers who have completed both seasons are drawing comparisons with the famous HBO show Successors. The die-hard fans are willing to put everything at stake to make it stand on the long line of amazing shows released in our lifetimes.

The show is clearly commanding its vessel perfectly and with an excellent cast, an amazing director, and an awesome storyline, the series ship is not going to hit the Titanic anytime soon if some other networks pick it up.

The chances of Monarca season 3 are very low but as I said the prospectus of its future is tied to its storyline which can become an opportunity for its renewal if some other network sees its potential. So, fans don’t lose your hope and ambitions yet.

The show might have similar themes but it is worth a watch for its nuanced treatment and various local stuff that you would get to know about liquor business and family succession.

So what are your hopes and aspirations for the upcoming season (if there is one), and if you have any questions or queries for us, comment down below and share them with your friends and family if they are also die-hard fans of Monarca like you?

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