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How Modern Window Treatments Can Improve a Stay-in Guest’s Experience

A house isn’t completely dressed until it has been decorated with the right window coverings, and, fortunately, we are seeing a revival of magnificent, artistic pieces that behave as a focal point for any room.

Whether it is tailored roman shades to offer formality to a home office space, a pair of large taffeta curtains for framing the windows of a dining room, or patterned curtains in a light-drenched white room, there are plenty of window covering materials, patterns, and fabrics to reflect your personal design choice.

Window coverings offer much more than just being an elegant statement piece. Besides offering light control, privacy, and light control, the colors and textures of window coverings can alter the ambiance of any room dramatically. While drapery offers a theatrics, regal air, curtains or sheer shades of natural fibres create an airy yet chic informality.

The chosen window coverings can also forgive several architectural faults or resolve various layout issues like dividing an awkwardly big space into a more personal seating area or creating an illusion of taller ceilings with smart drapery installation.

What Are The Dos And Donte’s For Window Coverings In A Guest Room?

  1. Do Offer Light Control

    The objective of guest room window coverings must be to comfort your guests. For this, you would require sufficient privacy as well as light control. Blinds and shades are the classic window coverings for achieving this. You can also consider installing blackout curtains as they make sure your guests enjoy a sound sleep even after sunrise.

  2. Do Maintain A Neutral Profile

    Window coverings offer a neutral background or a design focal point. And, for your guest room, you would want to opt for the former. You wouldn’t want anything very bold as people’s tastes to differ. A color or pattern that looks daring to you might be irritating for the guests. So, if you are planning to add pattern and color using drapes, then go for tiny patterns in washes or shades rather than the full saturation.

  3. Don’t Go For Too Many Layers

    Also, you might not want to be fussy with your window coverings. Complete embellishments of sheer panels, shades, valances, tiebacks, and opaque panels are perfect for a formal sitting room. But, it is simply too much for a guest room. So, consider limiting yourself to fewer layers. Beyond curtain panels surrounding the window shade, you can consider valance or swag embellishing the top.

  1. Do Purchase Quality Window Coverings

    Your guest room will leave a major impression on your guests. Thus, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the decor budget. And, the guest room isn’t like a family room or master bedroom which requires changing the curtains very often. Rather, you will decorate the guest room once and be done. So, purchase good quality window coverings that last longer while creating a positive impression.

  2. Don’t Break the Budget

    You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for buying your guest room’s modern window treatments. While silk draperies might be your desire for the master bedroom, but they are neither desired nor practical for guest rooms. Guest rooms would do better with simple yet quality window covering that is worth every penny spent.

How Can Modern Window Coverings Improve Your Guest’s Experience?

Plain or Patterned Sheer Eyelet Curtains:

These timeless window covering designs present an open, light, and understated sensibility to a guest room. Even when installed to the guest room’s windows in a country inn, these patterned sheer curtains with small open eyelets prompt the natural sunlight to shine in brightly while filtering out dazzling glare or harsh beams entering from outside.

Even in slim, stylish minimalist decors of contemporary hotel rooms, these typical sheer curtains made of silk, synthetics, cotton, or linen add charm and warmth to the complete guest room decor.

Rod Pocket Curtains:

These ultra-light, sheer fabric curtains are commonly found billowing in the airy breeze whirling through open windows at beachside guest rooms. They usually feature light hearted fictitious characters or kid’s fairy tales in brighter prints or soft pastels. These soft, elegant window coverings are made of continuous, sheer fabric, hemmed at the peak to incorporate the curtain rod pocket and at the bottom to offer a clean finish.

Manufactured mostly from synthetic fabric that doesn’t wear out at the sides, these breezy, light curtains can be drawn to one side and held with a beautiful tieback or left simply to hang in front of the window, protecting your space from direct sunlight.

Lace Layered and Sheer Fabric Curtains:

Sometimes, these innovative window covering designs are made of 2 separate, free-hanging fabrics, the first one being lace and the overlaid one being sheer fabric. However, other styles are made of both fabric pieces knitted in a partly overlapping, collage style to create an interesting pattern of light, translucent charm quivering gently across the windows of a classic guest room in perfectly coordinated color combinations.

Bottom Line

Lacy, translucent, and dramatic window coverings for guest room windows can leave an absolute “WOW” factor when the guests wake up in the early, bright morning sunlight after a long night’s sleep.

Waving in front of an open window catching a light breeze, these light, slightly airy fabrics in filmy white lace, loosely woven, chic pastel colors or multi-colored patterns can easily take your guests from their sleeping dreams to misty daydreams of leisure and fun.

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