Mobile Driving Game APK – For Automobile Lovers


David Mudd

There is a wide variety of car games out there. Some of them are puzzle games, others are simulators, and others still are racing games. This genre saw an unprecedented growth on mobile, making it one of the most popular of all mobile applications. Driving simulators have highly advanced graphics and are great for customization. Many people are confident when enjoying the experience in games and simulators compared to handling the actual vehicle. This is because they know they cannot get into real accidents.

Mobile Driving Simulators for Car people

Driving simulators are some of the most sophisticated computer-aided applications. They are also one of the biggest successes in the world of android application development. Most people are familiar with flight simulators. Driving simulators work in the same way. They place drivers in an artificial or simulated environment as a substitute for several aspects of the actual driving process.

If you lack the confidence to learn how to drive using a real car, you should consider using a driving simulator. You will not get a driving license when you use this method only. However, it will help you gain the confidence to get behind the wheel of an actual car. While using a driving simulator, you do not have to worry about car accidents or looking for car title loans online to pay for unplanned car repairs.

Two of the best driving applications out there include:

Dr. Driving

This driving game moves away from the traditional racing models where speed is the most vital aspect. Instead, Dr. Driving opts for a driving model that lets users drive regular cars at normal speeds and in normal urban settings. There are many different missions in this game. However, they generally require users to drive from one place to another in the city and then park their cars.

The goal is not to get to your destination fast but to avoid crashing, take the bends well, and drive responsibly. When you complete your mission, you will receive a certain amount of money, depending on how well you perform. You can use this money to purchase a better car for your trips around town. It is an exciting driving game that does not require players to take part in road races.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

This simulator lets you test your car’s limits in a realistic environment. You get to drive a top-of-the-range car through an empty city where you are free to do almost anything without destroying your car or hurting anyone.

It is an application in a free-driving mode that allows players to perform incredible jumps and stunts around a city. Extreme Car Driving Simulator also helps you understand how certain cars respond under different road conditions.

Unlike flight simulators meant for training pilots, modern driving simulator apps serve many purposes in addition to driver training. Researchers and engineers use some of the most advanced ones in human factor studies, smart highway designs, and vehicle designs. They provide a safe environment for controlled and repeated testing, where researchers can take measurements cost-effectively.