When Is Mix Season 3 Release Date? Know The Premise, Spoiler, Recap Of Upcoming Anime Series!


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Fans are curious to know about Mix Season 3 release date. Though they have to wait for now. We have information on everything you want to know about this anime series. The second season of this series based on sports is running currently. You will definitely like the upcoming third season in case it releases

Release Date Of Mix Season 3

We already have some dates for when the second season of the show will be released. A few episodes have already been made available on the Bilibili platform. Even though some reports say the episodes aren’t available online, they actually are. We expect the second season to end by June 2023.

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However, we don’t have any information about the third season yet, and it might only be possible in 2024 if there’s enough content left for the makers to adapt.

Cast Of Mix Season 3

  • Touma Tachibana‘s voice is provided by Yuki Kaji(who also voiced in Haikyuu). When Touma was six years old, his dad, Eisuke Tachibana, got married to a woman named Mayumi Sawai. Mayumi had two children of her own, Souichirou and Otomi, who became Touma’s step-siblings.
  • Souichirou Tachibana is voiced by Yuma Uchida in Japanese. He is Touma’s older brother, and he is very athletic and smart. He is also really good at coming up with strategies, which makes him perfect for his position as the catcher on the baseball team.
  • Otomi Tachibana is voiced by Maaya Uchida. She is a pretty and well-liked girl who plays the flute in the school’s brass band.

Mix anime Season 3 Release Date

  • Eisuke Tachibana is voiced by Wataru Takagi(who also voiced in Hajime No Ippo), and he is Touma’s father. He got married to Mayumi in his second marriage.
  • Mayumi Tachibana, voiced by Kikuko Inoue. She is the mother of Souichirou and Otomi. She got married to Eisuke as her second marriage too.
  • Punch voiced by Noriko Hidaka and Nobuaki Kanemitsu. He is an energetic Samoyed dog that belongs to the family, similar to the dog in Touch and H2.
  • Keiichi Sawai is the deceased father of Souichirou and Otomi.
  • Naoko Tachibana is Touma’s mother, but she passed away when Touma was three years old.

Premise Of Mix Series

Once a great player named Tatsuya Uesugi left the Meisei Academy High School baseball team. The team became weak and started losing its winning reputation. However, two stepbrothers, Souichirou and Touma Tachibana, brought hope to the team with their amazing baseball skills.

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Souichirou was great at catching and hitting. While Touma’s pitching abilities were exceptional. As second-year students, they joined the high school team and with their unwavering determination, set out to lead the team to victory in the National Championship.

Recap Of Mix Season 2

In the second season of the show, two friends learn of their father’s former baseball accomplishments while attending the same high school. This is quite similar to the first season’s plot. The plot develops as the regular difficulties and barriers that athletes encounter. Overall, the show is excellent, but you should watch the already-aired episodes to learn more about the second season.

Spoiler For Mix Series

The Tachibana brothers want to become champions in baseball and in season 3 of Mix, they will face more challenges. They have learned more and will face bigger obstacles as they work towards their goal. The new season might also show how hard it is for them to succeed. With help from their coaches, family, and friends, the brothers will try their best and inspire others to do the same

Review And Rating For Mix Series

Mix has received a rating of 6.99 from users on MyAnimeList and has been rated 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb based on over 24,000 individual ratings. For individuals who hold Touch as their all-time favorite anime, there may be a peculiar feeling when watching Mix Meisei Story, a quasi-sequel that came out more than 30 years after the original series. The show evokes nostalgia and intense emotions about how things were and how they have changed.

Mix anime Season 3 Release Date

However, despite its strong emotional impact, the primary feeling that persists is the desire to watch Touch instead. Mix Meisei Story is Adachi Mitsuru’s fourth coming-of-age baseball drama, but it differs from the previous ones as it is not a personal story.

Where To Watch Mix Season 3?

You can watch the second season of the show on either the Crunchyroll platform or the Bilibili platform. Both of these offer online streaming services,

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‘Mix Meisei Story’ is a show about two stepbrothers who go to a new school and want to become famous in baseball. There are also other things like family problems and love stories in the show. It is a sports anime like many others, but not as famous yet. However, the show is good, so it should get more attention.

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