Mitsunari Tokugawa – The Boss Of Baki Series | Know Everything About Him



Mitsunari Tokugawa image

“I brought the five of you here even though you didn’t place in the top five”

Mitsunari Tokugawa is a fictional character in the Baki anime series. He is the main head of the underground Arena battleground and loves to see the fights. You can predict his character as one of those people who are rich and love to see people fight. 

Owning the battleground, he has a lot of advantages. Tokugawa has also established some rules for the fight which sometimes he breaks in order to entertain himself and the audience. His character loves to see the fight and the blood shear between the opponents. 

He can cross his limits during battle. When one of the people stopped the fight of Jack and Baki, he was brave enough to put a knife on his throat. 

In the Baki series, it was never revealed whether he was a fighter in his young dates or not. But one thing is clear that he has a depth of knowledge about martial arts and he can clearly point out the mistakes while fighting. You will see Tokugawa as an old man who enjoys fighting while sitting. He never really showed sympathy. Tokugawa’s relationship with Yuujiro was never really disclosed and I can’t comment whether these two are actually friends or not. There are assumptions that these two may have a history in the past and if we are lucky, we can see these things in the next season of Baki. 

He is good friends with the teacher Doppo Orochi and Igari Kanji. The best thing about this character is that he is the only person who beats Yuujiro in the series. Yuujiro is always known for his reckless fighting and whenever he fights, he can surely damage and break the rules like himself. Tokugawa is already smart enough to know about Yuujiro’s behavior. That’s why he has placed his bodyguard at various locations.

If Yuujiro always gets out of hand and tries to destroy the orders of the tournament. These bodyguards have their spinners on and if anything happens then these people will inject the tranquilizer so that he can be stopped. 

Other than that, there is much revealed about this character. He basically has a non-existing personal life in the show. Normally, he is just busy in his tournament or chilling with his expensive life. The fans want to know more about this character’s past life and whether or not he was a fighter or not. 

In the coming season 4, this character is going to do something very big. Let’s stay tuned for more updates and find out what will happen.